Monday, August 5, 2013

You can now sell toys made following the patterns in my Etsy shop :)

I've decided that from now on you can sell the toys you make following the pattern in my Etsy shop (NOT the ones in the books - I share the copyrights with the Publisher)
You have my permission -sounds so important! ;) to sell at craft fairs, Etsy, family and friends, etc, but NOT in huge numbers to businesses or online stores.
The only thing I ask is that you please pretty please mention where you got the pattern from and include a link to my shop when selling online (that way I get some business too!)
I help you guys (who doesn't need some little extra $ for this and that), and you help me :) Deal? :)

I've also discounted almost every pattern in the shop :)

& I've posted some nice new ones, take a look:
                                OWL RUG

                                          Happy Amigurumi Cloud

                                          Big Octopus!

                                          Sailor Monkey :)

Happy crocheting everybody, and good luck!


  1. That's great Ana! Not that I crochet fast enough to make any $ selling...but good to know :) thanks for allowing this. I think including a link to your shop is only fair.

  2. Wow, that's so generous of you! Thank you for that! Unfortunately for me, I still don't know how to read patterns, lol! All I've done so far is crochet a little square... and it's pretty horrible looking too. xD

  3. Oh the monkey is cute ^__^

    I've been thinking about this "selling option" for a while myself but couldn't decide til now, maybe you would like to share your opinion/experience so far in a few months?

    Best wishes, Diana

  4. Oh thank you, Ana! Before doubling the amount of children in this house, I often thought about crocheting for craft fairs and contacting you about a license or a cut of the profit or something. But instead of crocheting cute things to sell, I've been knitting together cute things to raise for the next 18 years =) Maybe one of these days I'll do a craft fair. Regardless, I will always send friends and family your way for patterns - I love how easy they are to follow and how great you are about questions!

    Thanks again! Geneveive

  5. omg so cute

  6. Amazing! I love how neat you crochet! They are just so beautiful!!

  7. I love the firts picture, your creations are amazing but your dog is really cute :-)!

  8. aw they are so adorable I love looking at your work they are all so cute!


  9. Thank you thank you thank you! I love you so much. You gave me my start and passion!
    Super excited to showcase some of your patterns on my blog once I really get it up and running


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