Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finally a new pattern!

Ever since my dad passed away I've been having the worst time coming up with new toys :(
But then last week I was thinking about the toys I really really liked when I was little, and they were always the ones with clothes and accessories and little extra things that got lost all the time :)
So I made these two "AmiFriends" with removable clothes and lots of ideas for new clothes and friends and little stuff. Oh, the possibilities!
**Desde que se murio mi padre que me esta costando horrible pensar en juguetes nuevos :(
Pero bueno, la semana pasada me puse a pensar en los juguetes que me gustaban a mi cuando era chica, y eran siempre los que tenian ropita y accesorios y cositas chiquitas extras que siempre se perdian :)
Asi que hice estos dos gatitos, con ropita que se les puede sacar, y un monton de ideas para amigos y mas ropa y cositas...

Look! I've already made the little girl some Halloween customes :)
**Miren! Ya le hice unos disfraces para Halloween a la nena :)

AmiFriends 1 is already posted in the shop, & it includes the two cats, her dress & his pants and shirt :)
**Ya puse el patron 1 en la tiendita, e incluye los gatos, el vestidito blanco, los pantalones y el bucito :)

It's so nice and cozy and rainy here, I love it!
**Hoy esta lindo y lluvioso, y tengo ropa abrigada, me encanta!


  1. Tengo auntentica curiosidad. ¿ cuanto tardas en crear un patrón? Es días y días de pensar o es un impulso.
    Si te animas respondeme
    Espero que estes contenta en tu nueva casa con todos los abrazos que recibiste

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaah! están preciosos los gatitos!y si, a mi también me encantaba tener muñequitos con miles de cositas y accesorios que les pudieras cambiar... lástima que todo se perdía a las primeras de cambio jajaja =P
    un saludo! =)

  3. Adorable as always. Such an inspiration you are to us all.

    Don't ever lose faith and know that you father is as proud of you as we all are, and I'm sure looking down on you now and smiling brightly.

  4. Qué lindos Gumis!

    Mi padre también me acompaña desde su estrellita, como les he dicho a mis hijas :)

    Un abrazo.


  5. Ana,
    Such cute toys! The Halloween costumes are fun. I can't wait to see what they will be wearing for Christmas!

    I am a writer and last year was very busy for me - a lot of projects and a lot of deadlines. I finished with everything shortly before the end of the year and looked forward to a little break.

    Who would think I'd miss all those deadlines! I've had trouble finishing anything without them this year. But I hope, like you, my inspiration will be back soon!

  6. Love the little costumes! What a cute idea!!

  7. they're so cute and funny! i love the pumpkin costume :)

  8. I love them! They are adorable! You have me completely ami addicted!

  9. Hermosos!
    Y me encantan que tengan distintos costumes :-)

    Ah! Les estoy sacando el jugo a tus libros... muy lindos!

    Luli (de Argentina)

  10. So cute! I love the apple suit!!

  11. Those are very cute amigurumi patterns! My sister and I both love to crochet and ever since we discovered amigurumi, we have gone crazy with crochet! We have both of your books, and they have inspired some of our friends to start crocheting!

  12. (my name is actually Olivia, not Roan-that's my mama)
    Hello! I am fourteen, and I LOVE crocheting amigurumis!! Thanks to you, I started making them. I bought one of your cute books, and started!! My sister and I have both of your books. The directions are so easy to understand. Thanks for all the free patterns on your blog! The animals with clothes are very cute. Happy Crocheting!

  13. Your new creations are so cute, love their little faces and I like the nice touch the felt behind the eye gives the face ;) love them!

  14. I am so sorry that your father passed away. But, I know that he is proud and wants you to keep being inspired. I am a huge fan of your books, and I just started crocheting. My aunt can probably crochet your amigurumi, but I most likely cant ;)

    Have fun crocheting!!

    P.S. Can you make a blue fish and hopefully put it in one of your next book?? And finally, do you hae any tips???

  15. Hi Ana! I wanted to let you know that you totally inspired me! I have had your first ami book for awhile and have made a few of the patterns, but when I saw your little bear wearing the pumpkin costume I knew I had to make one! I improvised the costume I made, but I did put a link on my blog back to you. Thank you for sharing such cuteness!
    Here's a link to my post

  16. I love this idea of stuff animals that you can change their clothes i have your first book. I am only a beginner crocheter but your instructions are so clear i can easily make the animals right now im in the middle of the papa monkey hes so cute orange is my favorite color so his sweater is orange instead of red I really like these patterns. The pattern for the ami above is on my christmas list i hope i get. Your amazing just keep crocheting...

  17. awwwwwwww!!! thats so cute where did you buy them????!! i want one


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