Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What to do when you're moving and have three million things to pack and organize?

Well, crochet, of course! (I'm the worst procrastinator in the planet)
I made a little puppy, and then one with a dragon outfit :)
(The patterns are in the shop if you want to make your own)

*Que se hace cuando uno se esta por mudar y tiene tres millones de cosas para hacer?...
Un poquito de crochet, OBVIO! (Soy la peor)
Hice un perrito, y despues otro disfrazadito de dragon :)
(Si quieren hacer unos, los patrones estan en la tienda)

My excuse (to myself) was that it's difficult to try and pack with the girls around, so I just had to help Oli with her embroidery (she can't thread the needle yet)... isn't this the cutest?

**Mi super excusa (a mi misma) fue que nada, es re dificil tratar de poner cosas en cajas y tal con las nenas en la vuelta, asi que le tuve que ayudar a la Oli con su bordado (todavia no puede enhebrar)... no que le quedo re lindo?

& then the girls went to bed, and Franco had to prepare classes, and I was tired (...), so I made this Super Hero cutie stamp for hola

**& despues de que las nenas se fueron a dormir, Franco tuvo que preparar unas clases y que se yo, y yo estaba re cansada (...), asi que hice el sellito este de una nena super heroe :)

& then the guilt started eating me up and today I boxed almost all my clothes, and all the girls' clothes, & I have a midterm, so I'm going to go study.
I really HATE the moving process, I can't wait for it to be over and be in the little house. I'm really excited, though. Did I tell you that my yarn is taking a little room over? :) :) :)
That's it for today, wish me good luck!

**La verdad que me acoste sintiendome medio culpable, asi que hoy casi casi termino con toda la ropa de las nenas y la mia, y como tengo un parcial hoy de noche ahora me voy a estudiar.
La verdad que ODIO el proceso de la mudanza, quiero estar en la casita nueva ya mismo. Che, les dije que mi lana va a tener su propio cuartito? :) :) :)
Bue, las dejo por aca, beso!


  1. Awww, the dragon costume is so adorable! I really love how his little ears stick out of the hat.

  2. That dragon costume is too cute and I love the super hero cutie stamp!! good luck with the move!

  3. Hola Ana! Are you gonig to miss your old home? If you are, then just make una casita with the same colors and details of it. Oh, btw I love the little pink octopus with the star. Lol I made the little monkey from amigurumi world and i gave it to my 4 year old neice(cuz she's my crazy banana monkey or mi monita)and she loved
    it. I crochet and im only 13 and when people see me crocheting they're like, "Omg you look like a viejita!" :( But I can't stop making ami's! They're just too cute! Ok, well, good luck WITH your packing! :) <3

  4. OMG they are the cutest Ami's ever. Ok my daughter want crocheted little boy and Wild thing guy from the movie that is coming you know what movie I am talking about. Well someone crochet the boy but she only found a picture not a pattern.

    Moving is the pitts........I just moved from Boston to Austin. Took a year to plan this relocation however I did not have young ones to move to ...but I did have to box a room of yarn and
    let me know if you know anything about wild thng ami's and i will send you pic of the little boy in the movie that was crocheted into a ami.

  5. Me gusta su amigurumi perro. El perro es muy bonito. Bien hecho!

  6. Hehehe I always make up excuses to do work and always find time to do my craft even when I have mountains of laundry or dishes to put away ;)

    ooh you are getting a craft room??? lucky lucky you!!!!

    Me facina el nuevo perrito y lo que hizo tu hija, suenno con que llegue el dia que la mia empieze a hacer eso, yo los hacia chiquita ;)

  7. I have been crocheting instead of packing too... I can totally relate with you lol!

  8. I really love your creations they are adorable. I found your blog through my fabulous friend Maggi! I really hope to learn crochet and make some of these cuties :)

  9. Hey Boni!

    Im only 13 and I crochet 2! I made a cupcake for my cousin and she loved it! right now I am making little animals to give to charity for Christmas. Everyone is so surprised that I can crochet! my cousins want 2 try 2 learn and they are 5! my brother even wants to learn!:)

  10. Son obras muy interesantes me gusto mucho y quisioera ver mas de tus trabajos.


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