Thursday, February 18, 2010

Amigurumi Workshop :)

It's been SO LONG! I hope 2010's being nice to you :)
It came with lots of work for me, so I'm happy. The more work I get, the more I can stay home with the girls!

I'm also going to be having an Amigurumi Workshop through the Adult School of Montclair. I'm really excited, it's my first time!  I've "planned" it so a beginner can start with a simple project and work her/his way up to a doll, and a more advanced amigurumi maker can start designing her/his own amis :)

We'll be meeting every Tuesday from 7-9 starting March 2, 2010, ending May 11, 2010. It should be lots of fun!
So if you're in New Jersey, or close (there's a bus, and also a train that comes here from NY city) please come keep me company :)
You can register right here!

*I promise I'll be back with more news. Some exciting projects going on... I'm so so grateful.
Big hug!


  1. Your workshop plan sounds wonderful, Ana - congratulations! Hope it's a huge success :)

  2. Boo! I live 2 hours away in Philly. If the class was only a few nights, I'd be there. I can't commit to 10 weeks...

    What a great oppertunity, though. I wish I could be there!

  3. Awww, I wish I was near enough to take your class! Have fun!

  4. will you provide us with any pictures from the class? :)

  5. Wish I could come! But Amsterdam would be quite a commute... Good luck with it and have fun passing on all that Ami joy!

    My kids just loved their Christmas presents - Ami baby and the bear n pyjamas both from Ami 2. So thank you Ana! As I write his they are both aleep with teir little arms wrapped around those very dollies! Holly x

  6. Hi Ana!

    So excited to see that you are blogging again! I was wondering when we could expect new patterns in the shop. I have bought tons recently and am SO excited for more!! =) You are wonderful! I don't know how I ever made it through the days before when I didn't have amigurumi and my binder full of your patterns here waiting for me!!


  7. I followed the link to try and register for the class and it is not avaialble on-line. Has the class been cancelled?


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