Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy/Feliz 2011!

Never too late to wish some happiness, right? This year started with a whole lot of snow, and it's cold!
*Nunca es demasiado tarde para desear felicidad, no? Empezamos con un montonazo de nieve, y hace un frio cruel!

I forgot to tell you (because we all know I'm horrible at blogging), that Amigurumi World was translated to Dutch!  They gave me two copies, so I'm sharing one :)
If you understand what's going on in the cover -and I really wish it's what I'm thinking it is ;)  Please write your name in the comments so on Feb 5th I can pick a winner with the RNG thingie.
Good luck!


  1. That's so awesome! Congratulations!

  2. Congratulations Ana! I have missed reading your blog! I would check almost daily! ;)
    Oh, and this is Heather!! <3

  3. Well, here's a Belgian!! I would love to add this one to my collection! And I can assure you that everything looks very normal on the cover. The title is not translated as Amigurumi World, but it says: Crochet cute animals by yourself.

  4. That's easy. It says 'crochet sweet animals yourself'. And 'Get your crochet hook and surprise yourself with the cutest amirugumi ever'.
    To me the little animals on the globe symbolises all the animals of the world.
    - birgitte -

  5. I have this book in Dutch! I found mine in the shop called Boekenvoordeel, which can be found in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

  6. Wow, how nice that your book is translated into Dutch. I'm from Belgium, so I speak Dutch. It says: To crochet by yourself sweet little animals.

    You really make beautiful patterns. I love them!

  7. Okay, so my friend just started to crochet and she just married Dutch, so this would be a great present for her. How wonderful!

  8. I'm from Belgium and I can assure you there aren't any spelling mistakes :)
    I'm problably going to buy this book because I have one of yours in english and I don't always understand everything.

  9. Would be nice to have this book in the shelf - borrowed it from the library a few months ago!
    Thanks for all your inspiration!

  10. Ola!
    Also Belgium speaking here and the book was already here at Christmas last year! I had your books by that time in English because I want them the day they appear ;-) but the amigurumi microbe spreads around fast so I gave the Dutch version to my sister in law last Christmas, who is totally hooked now and her cousins started too this Christmas! The book is exactly the same, only the two dogs patterns are left out in the Dutch version...
    Greetz! Daisy

  11. Oh cute, my boyfriend is Dutch :)

  12. Ana-I realized I posted to your blog but never said what was going on in the cover of your book! My husband's family is Dutch in origin and I would just love to get a copy of this book! It's basically saying to "Crochet these dear/cute creatures yourself." "To grab your hook and surprise yourself with the cutest amigurumi figures/animals." I love it!!

  13. Wow! congratulations, the cute amigurumi now really begin their travel around the world :)
    it would be nice if the book also translated to Bahasa too :p
    (but I don't mind buying the english version if only I could find it on the bookstore here)

  14. So lovely patterns in your books!

  15. Very cute! It looks like people have already said that it says "Crochet cute animals by yourself" but I'll say it anyway. :)

  16. Amiga Ana Paula felicitaciones de corazón todos tus trabajos son hermosos, interesantes libros mi blog muchos cariños

  17. Congratulations! Your amigurimi are so cute! :) Have a nice week!

  18. Ana,

    I just got this book and absolutely going crazy over it. I went and bought 10 different color yarn (original red heart). I am newly addicted to crochet and trying all your stuff. Your stiches look so distinct and neat on the photos.
    Mine looks a little better when I flip the different parts for some reason but in no way even close to yours. Any hints? I'm especially having trouble with R2. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Love your stuff!

  19. Keep coming across this book in english but haven't bought it yet, wouldn't love a dutch copy, as I only started crocheting a month ago. And I love cute!

    Karin van den Berg

  20. Great! I love your books so much! Keep on sharing your imagination with us!

  21. i want to study the from Malaysian.. and i really interest to do teddy bear i cant find the..can someone tell me where i can get the book?and i can do the teddy bear?

  22. Hello,
    Amigurumi two is also translate to dutch now!!!
    It is so nice, but I have Amigurumi two in the English but I am dutch...

    XXX Anonymous

  23. Hello,

    What a beautiful book it is...
    I got it in Dutch because I'm Dutch...
    My mother in law and grandmother taught me how to hook...
    After I found this book I couldn't stop...
    It is easy to read and make the cute figures...
    Keep up the good work...

    Kindest regards,


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