Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's been SOOOOO long!

The bad thing with Facebook is that it's too easy to communicate without communicating... one fast picture and a little sentence and you're done!
I was all against Facebook for the longest time, and then a friend convinced me that since I'm so far away from home (Montevideo, Uruguay), it'd be easier to share pictures of the girls, see what everybody was up to and that kind of thing, and I joined. At the beginning I was all into it, but now I barely go into my personal account :(
Let's see how long my "I hate cell phones and I don't see the need for one" will last...
How do you guys relate to all this pretend communication? Is it just me? When did the face to face/long telephone conversations with a friend turn into a text?
Oh, technology, how I lovehate you!

Anyway, changing the subject completely! I decided to stop selling individual patterns and I grouped all of them into 3 e-books, a pdf file each that you can download as soon as your pmt goes through. Each of them has 25 crochet pattern sets for only $20 (really good, no?) with a variety of projects that you can use all year long! :)
Here they are:
                                          SERIOUSLY CUTE CROCHET I
                                          Buy it here!

                                          SERIOUSLY CUTE CROCHET 2
                                          Take it home to your computer! ;)

                                          SERIOUSLY CUTE CROCHET 3
                                          Buy me!

I hope you guys like the idea :)
I'm already working on Seriously Cute Crochet 4, just because I'm addicted and can't be without a hook in my hand... I'll post some previews soon, and also stop complaining about how horrible the communication thing is and communicate more :)
Have a wonderful, crafty weekend!


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