Sunday, April 13, 2014

It's been SOOOOO long!

The bad thing with Facebook is that it's too easy to communicate without communicating... one fast picture and a little sentence and you're done!
I was all against Facebook for the longest time, and then a friend convinced me that since I'm so far away from home (Montevideo, Uruguay), it'd be easier to share pictures of the girls, see what everybody was up to and that kind of thing, and I joined. At the beginning I was all into it, but now I barely go into my personal account :(
Let's see how long my "I hate cell phones and I don't see the need for one" will last...
How do you guys relate to all this pretend communication? Is it just me? When did the face to face/long telephone conversations with a friend turn into a text?
Oh, technology, how I lovehate you!

Anyway, changing the subject completely! I decided to stop selling individual patterns and I grouped all of them into 3 e-books, a pdf file each that you can download as soon as your pmt goes through. Each of them has 25 crochet pattern sets for only $20 (really good, no?) with a variety of projects that you can use all year long! :)
Here they are:
                                          SERIOUSLY CUTE CROCHET I
                                          Buy it here!

                                          SERIOUSLY CUTE CROCHET 2
                                          Take it home to your computer! ;)

                                          SERIOUSLY CUTE CROCHET 3
                                          Buy me!

I hope you guys like the idea :)
I'm already working on Seriously Cute Crochet 4, just because I'm addicted and can't be without a hook in my hand... I'll post some previews soon, and also stop complaining about how horrible the communication thing is and communicate more :)
Have a wonderful, crafty weekend!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Unicorn Crochet Along!

We're starting our 3rd CAL today, and it should be a lot more fun than the other ones because now I'm really getting into it plus the Facebook page is growing like crazy (thank you SO SO MUCH), so there's going to be a lot more of us crocheting together :)
**Hoy empezamos nuestro 3er CAL (crochet along - viene a ser tejer juntas, no?), y me parece que va a ser mucho mas divertido que los otros porque estoy re entusiasmada (se dan cuenta que casi que no tengo vida no? :p) y ademas la pagina de Facebook esta creciendo que es una locura (MUCHAS GRACIAS), asi que vamos a ser un monton mas tejiendo junt@s :) 

To participate you're going to need one of these two unicorn patterns: the Huggable Unicorn in my Etsy shop, or the little one from Amigurumi Toy Box :) & you need to start crocheting! :)
Post pictures of your work in progress in the Facebook page if you'd like, or you can send them to me and I'll post them for you :) 
**Para participar vas a necesitar uno de estos dos patrones de unicornio: Huggable Unicorn de mi tiendita de Etsy (si queres que te lo traduzca lo podes comprar en ingles y te lo mando a tu mail al dia siguiente) o el unicornio chiquito de Amigurumi Toy Box, que esta tb en espa├▒ol.

I'll be posting pictures of how I'm doing in Facebook, and will show you guys how I sew the different parts and do the hair.
**Yo tb voy a subir fotos, asi les muestro como coso las diferentes partes, y como hago el pelo y tal.

& then, when your unicorn is done, post your final pic (or send it to me), and at the end I'll post them all here and we'll vote for our favorite. I'm still thinking about the prize(s). The winner will definitely get some free patterns from the shop, but I'm also trying to see if I can get something else -don't get too excited, though, it's not that amazing! ;)
**Y listo, cuando terminas el tuyo subis la ultima foto (o me la mandas), y cuando tenga todas las subo aca y votamos por el que mas no guste. Al ganador/a seguro que le tocan algunos patrones gratis de mi tiendita, pero tb estoy viendo si consigo alguito mas -no se entusiasmen demasiado que tampoco es tan maravilloso ;)

So... try to start this week, and let's do it until November 27 (all pics should be in by then).
**Asi que traten de empezar esta semana, y seguimos hasta el 27 de noviembre (las fotos tienen que estar en Facebook o en mi mail el 27).

Happy crocheting Unicorn-lover friends!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New xmas tree pattern / Patron nuevo para el arbolito :)

I finally finished the xmas ornaments pattern -a little early, but I figured it's better to start early and be done by the time all the holiday season starts!
**Termine el patron para los adornitos del arbol -un poquito temprano, pero es mejor empezar temprano y estar pronto para cuando empieza la locura de las fiestas!

Xmas Tree Ornaments amigurumi crochet pattern :)

When you buy this one you'll also be able to download the following files:

My first Xmas pattern (no longer available to buy individually)

Mr. & Mrs. Santa crochet pattern

& these cherries, because they look really cute hanging from the tree :)
I hope you like them :)
Espero que les guste :)
Ana Paula

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm a nominee for the 2013 Martha Stewart AMERICAN HANDMADE :)

Martha Stewart - American Made 2013 - Nominee Badge

If you like my toys, will you please pretty please vote for me? (you can click in the picture above) :) :) :)
You can vote 6 times every day until September 13th (so if you do vote, please click "vote" 6 times!) 
Each vote enters you into a weekly drawing to win a book signed by Martha Stewart, American Express gift cards or other stuff -you can vote no matter what, but to win the prizes you have to be from the States or a resident :(

So pleeeeeease, will you vote for me 6 times every day until September 13th? Yes? At least once if it sounds too much of a commitment? ;)

Here's the link to my profile page: THANK YOU HUGE TIME! Hugs!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Thank you Pinterest!

Encontre esto en Pinterest y supuse que por ahi les viene bien :)
Espero que hayan empezado bien la semana!


Sunday, July 14, 2013

It's so fluffy I'm gonna die! ;)

I officially started liking cartoons again :)
We watched Despicable Me 2 last week and Martina demanded a unicorn, so here it is!
I want a couple of real minions to keep me company and follow me everywhere, how fun would that be?! Also Agnes, she's adorable <3 p="">
**Fuimos a ver Despicable Me 2 y me amigue con los dibujitos de vuelta :)
Marti me pidio un unicornio y aca esta! Yo lo que quiero es un par de minions que se vengan a vivir a casa y me persigan todo el tiempo... y tb Agnes, esa nena es adorada :)

Here's Marti with her unicorn/Aca esta Marti con su unicornio:

If you want to make one, you can get the pattern right here!
Happy Sunday friends!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

$1 Sale of retiring oldie patterns :)

I've decided to clean my Etsy shop a little bit, and by July 4th I'll be taking 13 really old patterns from the shop. They are all on sale right now for only $1 :)
There are some that I really love, like the Colorful Animal one, which was the second pattern I ever posted in Etsy back in 2008:

& the little monsters under my bed Martita y Larana :)

As much as I like them, I feel like they deserve a vacation! So this is the last chance to take them home, and on July 4th they'll go to sleep... unless you get them and crochet lots of them right here! :)
I hope you're doing great!... I'm not liking the heat, but at least today there's a breeze coming in, so I can't complain too much :)
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