Monday, February 4, 2008

Que lindo!

I always love to see the pictures of your versions of the toys following my patterns in our Flickr group. Some of you don't have a Flickr account and send them to my e-mail address:)
I got some that I just *have* to share, take a look:

Following the little mushroom pattern, Laurie Hinman made these cuties. She also painted the box :)

And then Ursula Reikes, the nicest technical editor in the planet :) made these Valentine Bears while following/reviewing the pattern included in my book, didn't they come out adorable?

Thank you very much as always for all the nice comments. If you have a questions about a pattern in the blog, it's easier if you send me an e-mail to, with "Pattern Question" as the subject line, that way I can answer faster! :)

It's super cold here in New Jersey and I'm making a new "Little ones & their Homes" pattern while I drink some mate. Yesterday I finished a new Moms & Babies one: Little Bee & Mom and it turned out cute :)
I'm retiring a little pattern from the shop tomorrow and will post the pattern here tomorrow or Wednesday. Hope you have the nicest Monday!


  1. ooo a post just as i was blog reading :)
    should be a few more picks in the flicker group by end of the month from me (including a new one about to drop in my inbox!!) your patterns are great to make :)

  2. oooh! que lindo! :) tus patrones quedan la pelo! están adorables, un beso.

  3. hola encantan todos tus proyectos soy una fans tuya....preciosos TODOSSSSS un cariño

  4. Lovely lovely figures. I have just finished my first amigurumi cat and mouse, that you shared on your blog. Loved the making of it and will definitely go for your book.

  5. your book comes out on the 15th which is soooo great because it's just in time for reading week. i can spend that week to read and crochet something for my baby cousin! perfect! i am very excited!!!!

  6. I have seen ur etsy site and then i found this. I really like your work. I'm trying to start out a site on etsy because I am a big fan of crafts too. I wanted to raise money for medical school through it. Do you have any suggestions on how I should get started?


    pls email me at

  7. Hola Ana!
    Descubrí todas estas cositas hermosas dando vueltas por Flickr, super emocionada por q hoy aprendí crochet y quería ver cositas y bueno me volví loca con tus muñequines. Son hermosos, ojalá algún día pueda hacer algo "parecido" jajaja.
    Bueno, mil felicitaciones por estos meñequitos tan lindos y divertidos.
    Muchos cariños.!!

  8. Hola Ana!
    He descubierto tu blog hoy dando vueltas por Flikr, emocionada por ver algo de crochet ya q hoy aprendí lo básico de la mano de mi madre! =)
    Qué hermosura tus trabajos!
    La verdad, he quedado maravillada!
    Ojalá algún día puedo hacer algo "parecido" jajaja
    Bueno, mil felicitaciones por tus muñequitos. En serio me encantann!
    Bueno, muchos saludooos!!
    Beso. Flor.

  9. Wow...I just read your profile & realize that you live quite close by - I live up the road a ways in roommate in college was actually from Montclair too...what a beautiful town it is with some gorgeous old homes :)
    I love your patterns...can't wait for your book to come out!

  10. Your book came in the mail today! I love it!

    Congratulations on a fabulous job! I am so happy to have this little collection at my fingertips!

    (After I make every last one of the patterns, I'm buying more from you! Or maybe sooner, since I have no self control.) :-)


  11. Hola Ana Paula, felicitaciones por tus creaciones, son hermosas!!
    Yo no sabía que era los amigurumi, ni idea en mis remotos sueños.

    Veo que tienes un libro, que lindo.

    Te quería preguntar dos cosas:

    1. qué tal es etsy?, es decir las cosas se venden bien las cosas (solas) o uno tiene que hacer mucha promoción por cuenta propia para que pueda ser un negocio productivo. Es que tengo un amigo que hace algunas artesanías y pensamos en ponerlas ahí. Pero somos de Venezuela y tenemos graves problemas con los dólares :( por eso tendríamos que ir sobreseguro.

    2. Qué página me recomiendas para aprender hacer crochet? una para gente como yo, que alguna vez aprendió con una sola aguja, supongo que esto no es así :S y no sabe cómo usar 2.

    Bueno te invito a mis blogs cuando quieras, tengo uno de illustration friday que tengo un poco abandonado ; )

    Felicidades por tu arte!! es hermoso, especial e inspirador!!

  12. I just ordered your book and I can't wait to receive it in the mail! I'm looking forward to making all these cute animals. :D I CAN'T wait. I'm bringing all my crochet stuff with me back to my dorm room once I get the book. :D

  13. Si. Que lindos animalitos en crochet!
    Preciosos todos.
    Un saludo,


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