Monday, March 3, 2008

Re Cortito

This one's going to be super short, and just to let you know that I'll start posting and making stuff more regularly from now on.
February was a bad month, with some very worrying stuff and just plain sad.
It is, however, getting better, and I'm sure everything will turn out muy bien :)
I'm posting the little pancake pattern from Tiny Ami 2 on Wednesday, and since I got my book copies , I'll post a little something so one of you guys can get one as a little present from me :)


  1. Sorry to hear that february was a bad month! I hope march will get so much better! :D
    Its so great to hear that you will post more regular! Love reading your blog! :)
    Best wishes

  2. Me alegro de que todo vaya mejor. Encantada de volver a leerte.

  3. Sorry to here things have been far from peachy. I do hope it all looks up for you and yours :)

  4. I got the book yesterday. I am SOOOO loving it. My three year old son (who cares nothing for stuffed animals) is demanding a turtle!!! Thanks for writing a book with so many good patterns!!

  5. I got your book a few weeks ago. It is awesome! It is now my favorite book! Thanks for such a wonderful book. I am sorry to read that things have been difficult lately. I hope that everything improves right away. I love your patterns and your blog :) Have a great day!



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