Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Good Morning! Buen dia!

I'm sleepy, I've been having the worst time falling asleep lately, and haven't slept for more than 4 hours for a while! :(  I hope you're feeling better than that!

**Estoy muerta de sueño, ultimamente me esta costando dormirme y hace rato que no duermo mas de 4 horas! :( Espero que uds. esten mejor que yo!

I just finished a new teddy, and the overalls are removable -in case he has to pee ;) I hope you like him! pattern here :)
**Recien termine un osito nuevo. El enterito se le puede sacar -por si tiene que hacer pis ;) Espero que les guste! el patron esta aca :)

Sweet amigurumi teddy


  1. He is adorable! Another crocheter without sleep...that's when I get caught up on some of my projects.

  2. Thank you Clara :) You know, it happens to me once in a while, and the first nights are really productive... yesterday, though, I was too tired to do anything! Hopefully tonight I'll get a good night sleep!

    Muchas gracias Isa!

  3. I love bears and specially when they 're dressed !My daughter in Chicago took a class last week to learn how to make Amigurimi and bought your book "Amigurimi world, nearly at the same time in Paris i found your blog ;Funny!Y.S

  4. Hermoso como todo lo que hacés!!
    Espero que estés un poquitín mejor. No probaste con Homeopatía? Es genial para las enfermedades autoinmunes.
    Besos desde Argentina!

  5. Aaah, he's so cute! You always make such beautiful things. They make people smile. Thank you.
    Sleep well tonight.

  6. todo ternura!!! me encanta :)

  7. He's so cute! Love the removable overalls! Hope you sleep well tonight!

  8. Busir - I love them when they're dressed too :)
    I hope your daughter loves the class and has fun crocheting lots of toys! Thank you *very much* for visiting :)

    Gracias Gimena! Estoy tomando te de tilo y viendo a ver que pasa, otra noche asi y me van a tener que internar! ;) A mi me comentaron lo de la homeopatia para la ms, tengo que "investigar" un poquito y dedicarme. todo sirve y vale la pena probar! besote y muchas gracias por pasar :)

    Thank YOU Marjolein! :) :) :) I'm hoping for a good night tonight, crossing my fingers & everything :)

    Gracias Florecita! (que nombre mas adorado), abrazo fuerte para vos tb :)

    Thank you Karla! I love toys with removable clothes, so I just had to make another one! Thank you for the sleep well wishes, I definitely need them! Big hug! :)

  9. que bello!
    yo estoy aprendiendo a hacer amigurumi... me cuesta pero creo que no compre la lana adecuada, es muy delgada la que tengo para comenzar :)

    muy bellos trabajos

  10. I love him!
    can't wait to try and make my own cute
    little animals.
    I hope you get caught up on some great rest soon!

  11. é mesmo uma ternura!!!
    it's so cuuuuuuttttteeeeee! And I love the outfit!

  12. Me encanta. ¿Va a salir un tercer libro de amigurumis? Tengo los primeros dos y los estoy exprimiendo a full.
    Buen tejido.

  13. Que expresion tiene más tierna. Me encanta

  14. Hola! pasé por tu blog y me encantó.
    Ya me hice tu seguidora asi que te visitare seguido!
    Saludos desde Montevideo Uruguay.

  15. last night i finished your little bear .it's on your Flickr group under the name "coquelicot 2010"; i love it thank you !Y.S

  16. So cute! I love him. Thanks for the pattern.

  17. I think you should make a potty for the bear. I never knew an ami bear who might have to pee...but hey, ya never know. :)

  18. Tes amigurumi sont trop craquants, j'adore :D

  19. How adorable!! :)
    I just love your books, your animals are so adorable and so easy to make! Probably my favorite book of yours is Amigurumi Two! :) So ridiculously cute.
    ¿Prefieres hablar en Inglés o en Español?

  20. Es buenísimo, el sueño no te quita la creatividad!Admiro mucho tu trabajo. Felicidades!

  21. ke hermoso k bordás las narices!!! yo soi un asco T.T

  22. He's really cute! Is his pattern also in your second book? Can't wait for it to be translated to Dutch. Unfortunately I crochet a bit faster in Dutch then in English, so I'll just have to wait! (By the way, do you have a date when your second book wil be available translated?)

    Greetings from Holland


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