Thursday, February 23, 2012

We're in 2012!! Ya estamos en el 2012!!

 Although you've probaly noticed already ;)
Aunque seguramente ya se dieron cuenta ;)

I hope you started really really nicely, and that the world doesn't end this year ;) because I have lots of stuff to do, including spoiling my grandkids, and Oli & Martina are only 8 & 5, so I need at least 30 more years -They can only start dating when they're 31, so you know... ;)

***Espero que hayan empezado muy muy lindo, y que el mundo no se termine este anho, porque tengo mucho mucho para hacer, incluido malensenhar mal a mis nietos, y Oli & Marti tienen solo 8 & 5, asi que necesito por lo menos 30 anhos mas -Solo pueden tener novio cuando tengan 31, asi que ... ;)

I started in a very creative mood, very very creative, can't put my hook down creative, which hadn't happened that much since my dad left :(
In these little amount of time I finished (finally) the new book (really cute), posted 7 new patterns in my Etsy shop, and now I'm crocheting some new things for a book I'm contributing to. It's been busy!

***Yo empece muy creativa, pero salado, no puedo soltar la aguja!, y esta bueno, porque no me pasaba desde que se fue mi viejo querido :(
En este ratito finalmente termine mismo el libro nuevo (ta re lindo), subi 7 patrones nuevos a Etsy, y ahora estoy tejiendo unas cositas nuevas para una contribucion a un libro. He estado re ocupada!

& then there's Oli, Martina, Franco, and my little dog boys ;) Santiago & Federico, and they all like to eat every day and have their clothes/blankets clean... ;)  It'd be nice to clone myself -I would just sit around and crochet all day and play with the girls, while the other one would do all the cooking and home "maintaining" (wouldn't that be nice?!)

*** & ademas estan Oli, Martina, Franco y mis varoncitos perros Santiago & Federico ;) y a todos les gusta comer todos los dias, y tener la ropa/mantitas limpias... ;) 'Taria bueno hacer un clon de mi misma. Yo me sentaria con los pies arriba de la mesa a tejer todo el dia, jugaria con las nenas, y la otra se dedicaria a cocinar hacer el "mantenimiento" de la casa... no estaria de fiesta?!

& that's it, from now on I'm posting more often... do you think I should finally have a Facebook page? I've been thinking about it, but then I'm so boring, what do you write about?...  I once kind of "opened" one, but I never activated it... I don't know, let me know what you think pls :)

*** & nada, "eso es todo amigos" ;) de ahora en adelante escribo mas seguido... che, les parece que tendria que abrir una pagina en Facebook? Hace rato que estoy pensando, pero soy tan embolante... sobre que escribo?... Una vez medio que abri una pero nunca la active... no se che, que les parece?

Out of all the new patterns the dinosaur one is my favorite :)  buy now


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :) Happy almost March! (it's kind of embarrasing to say "happy 2012" when we're almost in March... :)

  2. Great to see you back! And did I read it correctly that you've finished another book? Wow, so exciting! I love the new patterns. Happy 2012! Laura x

    1. Thank you so much Laura! Happy 2012 for you too :)
      & thank you so much for visiting!

  3. Claro que tienes que abrir una pagina en facebook :)
    Nos puedes contar sobre tus nuevas creaciones! Puedes poner muchas fotos de tus perritos :)
    Que buena noticia que ya viene otro libro!

  4. SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII pagina en fb!!!

  5. uy no sé si lo escribí o no...
    SIIIIIIIIII pagina en fb!!

    MUAMUA me alegra mucho que tengas un atacazo artistico :D

  6. So what is the new book about? I always have yours preordered on Amazon when they are announced.

  7. You're back! How exciting! I absolutely love the giraffe and penguin. OMG those are squeal-icious!

    RE: Facebook, if you don't have a concrete strategy in place I wouldn't bother. A lot of people use Facebook very effectively but a lot of people don't. You have a good blog with a good following. So you might want to think of what kinds of things you were thinking you could do on Facebook that you can do or can't do here.

    Giveaways, for instance, are very popular on Facebook but I find they work wonderfully on blogs as well. Have you seen Planet June's blog? She is always doing contests based on her patterns and she also does a lot of crochet-alongs. If anything, she's flowed over nicely to Ravelry-- which might be a good thing for you to explore instead of Facebook. Just my two cents!

  8. Qué bonitos estos dinosaurios!!! Son muy graciosos!! Besos!

  9. I love
    you have a beautiful blog

  10. Ana! You never fail to make unbelievably cute things!
    I have some of them posted on my blog that I've made:


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