Friday, August 31, 2007

A little cookie

This one's part of Tiny Ami 2, that I'm taking out of the shop today (some of the little toys there are going in the book). This one's not, though, and I figured it was better to share it than offering it as a single pattern, so here it goes, I hope you like it :)



-Please refer to earlier posts for abbreviations-
Using an F hook:

Cookie Part – Make 2!
R1– Ch 2, 6 sc in second chain from hook
R2- 2 sc in each sc around (12 sts)
R3- *1 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (18 sts)
R4- *2 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (24 sts)
R5- *3 sc, 2 sc in next sc*, repeat 6 times (30 sts)
R6- Sc 30
Make a smiley face in one of the cookies, cut out two little circles of felt for cheeks and sew to face.

Chain 27, hdc 25 beginning at third chain from hook, bind off and sew both ends together.
Sew filling on top of one of the cookie parts, sew approx. ¾ around on the second half, stuff and finish sewing.



  1. Hi Ana,

    I love the cookie! I tried to print the instructions but something went awry. Only part of the directions will print out. I'll just write them out by hand since it isn't very long.

    I also LOVE the octopus purse on etsy. Your designs are terrific. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. hi mary :)
    thank you for being so nice. the cookie is pretty fast to make, i'm sorry it won't print out... good thing is short!
    let me know how it comes out

  3. I found you on flickr and I must say your amigurumis are absolutely adorable!! I hope it's ok if I link to you from my swedish crochet blog?

  4. thank you annika & stash!
    annika, i'm on my way to your blog, thank you so much for linking to mine!

  5. Hi Ana,
    Just wanted to tell you that I purchased your AMIGURUMI world book last month I made several of the patterns for my Great Niece for Christmas and she loved them.

  6. These are so adorable. I made a whole bunch! Here are mine:
    Thanks, Ana ♥

  7. i love it
    its so cute


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