Friday, March 14, 2008

And the Winner is...

# 7: Patty ! :)
I never thought so many of you were going to participate (I love how "participate" sounds btw).
Thank you SO SO much for all the nice comments and for being so nice.

There's a little typo in the book... It's sad because you would not believe how many times it was reviewed! That part was fine, and I guess the printer left it out :(
On the Cafe con Leche cup, row 7 should read:
R7-15: Sc 28.

Please write if you find any other ones (I've been reviewing everything like crazy and haven't found anything else, but you know...) so I can post it here.

Thank you again and again and again for all the niceness :)
Ana Paula

ps: Muchas gracias a todos los que me leen y hablan espanol, me siento un poco mal de tener los patrones en ingles, y de a poquito voy a ver si los traduzco todos. Mientras tanto, si les interesa alguno y por ahi no entienden los terminos en ingles escriban y empiezo por el que uds. quieran, ta?


  1. I so want to be like you when I grow up! Just kidding---I am already grown up and have grandbabies, but, I love love love your amigurumi and will be looking for your book! Thank you!
    Hope you'll come see me sometime on my blogspot...!
    De'Colores! (about the only Spanish I know :() Mema sews!

  2. Congrats to Patty! :)
    It was exciting tho, to wait and see who won! :D

  3. Hi Ana!

    no sabes la alegría que me dio cuando pusiste en una de tus entradas "drink some mate"!!!! Como andas, soy de Salta y me encontré con esta preciosidad de los amigurumi por casualidad, ayer empecé mi primero.. En realidad todavía es una bolita roja jaja porque estoy buscando un molde para las orejas, que todavía no se si hacerlo como un oso o un monito.
    Me voy a chusmear un poco de tu blog y decidirme, cualquier cosa creo que queda mi mail acá, y si tengo tiempo te mando uno.
    Un beso!!

  4. Since I didn´t win your book I buyed one today in a Swedish internet-book-store. Luckily they had it!! I llok forward to recieving it soon and I hope I will be able to understand it and translate it to swedish... :)

  5. I should really learn to read the entire pattern before I start... I had already fastened off and cut the yarn before realizing that there was this typo on the cafe con leche. Now I'm trying to figure out a use for a random blue round piece, haha.

    Love the book, everything is so cute!!! This is perfect for a beginner (like myself).

  6. Hola Ana...gracias por acordarte de nosotras...y no pasa tengo alguna duda te encantaria que tradujeras el ultimo osito con el tarrito de encantooooo...gracias por todo y un besote enoooorme

  7. I think I found another error in the book... For the big owl, for the wings it says to use gold yarn when the picture and the baby owl have brown yarn for the wings. Something minor but I thought I would point it out just in case and because you asked. :)
    P.S.- I love the book and I love your amigurumi! I just wish I had time to crochet more often, I only made a few things from your book so far.

  8. I just got your book from an internet-bookstore and I have already made the Cafe con leche. The patterns in the book are wonderful! I want to make them all.

    Thank you/Rosa in Sweden

  9. Another small typo, on the ears for the Baby Hedgehog it says "ch 2, 7 sc in third ch from hook" If you only ch 2 then there is no third ch to stich in. Baby should start with a Ch 3 just like Momma I assume?

    Aside from that I'm loving the book! Thanks!

  10. ok, it all makes sence. I made the Cafe con Leche cup twice and couldnt figure out why it was so small. it still turned out great though! :)

  11. Hola Ana!!! como podemos conseguir tu libro aquí en Argentina? Soy de Rio Negro.
    Me encantó tu blog. y hace un par de años que estoy en busca de todo material de Amigurumi.
    Cariños enormes. y aguardo tus noticias pronto!!!


  12. Hola, estoy como Maby, vivo en Buenos Aires y he descubierto el hermoso mundo de los amigurumis, aca en Argentina no hay nada de material, como podemos conseguir tu libro
    mi mail es

  13. I love your work it is soo cute. I bought your book and wanted to crochet my son the octupus and I am going crazy!! It is the first time I attempt one of these. I am having trouble keeping my rounds. In R4,5,6,7, do I have to skip SC to the number indicated. It leaves big holes and a weird shape. Thanks for any help.

  14. I absolutely love your patterns I'm having a blast with them. Thanks so much for posting the typo error correction for the Cafe con Leche it's been driving me batty trying to figure it out. *=o)

    Everyone loves the little mini amis, my father-in-law begged me to make him a monkey the other day. (although I added my own touch to it by creating a long tail.)

    Thanks again for your great book! Kudos to you for taking something you enjoy and sharing it with everyone else who loves to craft.


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