Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Pattern!

One little squirrel under a tall, tall mushroom :)
-Pattern in my Etsy shop

Back in the day, when I was pregnant with Oli, I had the most scary, terrifying dream ever. I was walking to school (Oli was born the week before finals!) and all these ugly looking squirrels with huge teeth started to jump on my belly, trying to eat the baby! I've been terrified of squirrels since ever since. I see a squirrel and I cross the street! They just look at me funny, like they're ready to jump!
Oli thinks it's hilarious (she's almost 5 now) and tells everybody the story (only she tells it like it actually happened! - you should see the looks I get!)
So I made this little squirrel to start getting over this dumb phobia one tiny little squirrel step at a time :)

-Hace rato, cuando estaba embarazada de Oli, soñe que estaba caminando a la facultad (Oli nacio una semana antes de los examenes finales), y un montonazo de ardillas horribles y con unos dientes gigantes me empezaron a saltar en la panza tratando de comersela! Desde ahi que les tengo un terror totalmente irracional y malisimo. Cuando veo una ardilla cruzo la calle, porque en serio que me miran mal!
Oli piensa que es comiquisimo (cumple 5 a fin de mes), y le cuenta la historia a todo el mundo, pero como si hubiera pasado de verdad (la gente me mira como si estuviera loca!)
& nada, hice la ardillita esta para ver si de a poquito se me va el miedo tonto este :)


  1. Hi Ana!
    Just wanted you to know how much i enjoy your talents! All of the things you make, make me smile. I featured your etsy goodies and your book on my blog. I wish you all the success and joy in the world.

  2. Oh my, that is so cute! I bought your book and I am teaching myself to crochet. We were at Barnes and Noble and my 6 year old boy fell in love with your book and asked if I would Pleeeeeze make him the eggs with the chicks inside. Well I am trying, I have made the egg (top and bottom shell) about 4 times now and although I am getting better they are to soft and squishy were as yours look nice and neat and stiff? I'll keep trying. My mom has crocheted since she was a young girl, never thought I wanted to learn until I saw the cuteness that you create!

  3. Hola Ana...jiji bueno me parece barbaro que te estes quitando esa mala impresion...y gracias por compartir tus post en español...un besito enorrme buena semana

  4. Adorable! I love your work!

  5. aww how cute! I love squirrels!! The little mushroom is adorable too!

  6. That is so cute. I love the story behind the art.....that is always the best.

  7. So cute, your blog is delightful, I'm going to add you to my favourites straight away and return often :)
    Twiggy x

  8. Hi Ana!

    I have had your book for a few weeks now and I can't stop making all the cute animals! I started walking around my school campus with yarn in my backpack so that I can work on the animals when I walk around to my classes. Thanks you again for such an awesome book!

    ps. the squirrel is so cute!!

  9. I just want to thank you again for the book. I am having so much fun with it right now... BTW, I don't know how to crochet, but just learned how, and I gave your pattern a go, and this is my end result. I know it doesn't do your original any justice, but I had tons of fun doing it. In case you want to check it out.

    p.s. I love the squirrel!

  10. Hi there!

    I only self-taught myself how to crochet about a week ago because I feel in love with the whole Arigurumi thing. Your book, which I bought 2 days ago, is my second one now and I started out making the elephant couple - but altered it slightly. I featured your book and a link to your blog on mine - if that is ok with you! I also posted a pic of the elephants I made! :-)
    Did I mention that I love your book? :-)

    kind regards

  11. Hi Ana. You have the cutest blog. I love it. I found you also on Etsy and I am planning on purchasing your doll pattern. I would love to get the book but since I am overseas it will probably be too expensive to send. Maybe I can get the copy when my mom comes. My daughter loves to crochet amigurumi too!

  12. Your work inspires me. I pass on to you the 'Arte y pico' award.

    Thank you :)

  13. Cute squirrel! I am squirrel, too! ;)


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