Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thank you

Thank you for being so nice. Muchas muchas gracias.
We're all still dealing with it. I will be all my life. Thank you for the nice words and for being there.
Big hug and beso.
I hadn't been able to crochet anything, and then all of a sudden a couple of days ago I had this urge to make little bears. They are or will be in my Etsy shop. Hope you like them.


  1. me gustan muchisimo tus amigurumis, sigo tu pg desde hace un tiempo y fuiste una de las fuentes por las que conoci los amigurumis y me obsesione por aprender :)

    Un abrazo

  2. Hola Ana Paula,

    Lamento la pérdida de tu papá.
    Yo vivo en Barcelona, y mi familia en Argentina, y sé que es muy duro cuando uno está lejos de ellos y recibes una noticia de este tipo.
    Te escribo para decirte que compré tu libro sin saber que eras vecina de país! Me encantan tus amigurumis.
    Ya tenés a una fiel seguidora más.
    Hoy lo recibí por correo y estoy fascinada con las cosa que podré hacer!
    ¡Gracias por ser tan creativa!
    Saludos desde BCN

  3. omg!! cutest bears EVER!! i am learning spanish, so i will try it out!!

    Hola Ana!!

    me gustan mucho las little crochet bears!! (lolz. probably need to work on it)

    LUV IT!!

  4. Hi Ana Paula. I just discovered you on Knit & Crochet Today and I wanted to say that I absolutely love your patterns! I don't typically crochet, but I'll have to get into it again so I can make my daughter some of these adorable little creatures.

    Great work!
    Ana Rita

  5. i am a HUGE fan of your Amigurumi crafts and patterns, and bought your book/s too!!

    Thanks for sharing your patterns and your creativity, you've inspired me to create my own blog!

  6. Oh gosh, I've read your blog for such a long time now that I really do have to post a comment. I just have to say that you truly are THE amigurumi master, and you've given me so much inspiration when it comes to creating my own gurumis :)


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