Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I really don't know what to say...

"thank you" seems kind of lame, and I can't think of anything else.
HUGE THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart, I'm so overwhelmed by how extremely nice and kind you all are I really don't know what I could say to let you know how grateful and amazed and no se, MUCHAS MUCHAS GRACIAS por ser tan adoradas.
*muchas muchas gracias (que queda recontra chiquito) por ser tan tan adoradas y buenas y hacerme sentir querida, no se hacen una idea de lo que me ayuda, besote*

You know, the shots are not bad at all. They gave me this injector thingie where I put the injection in and I don't even have to see the needle! I don't think I could do it without it, I just push a button, count to 10, and I'm done!
& the only bad thing about it is that I'm getting really bad headaches, and I've been having some trouble sleeping, but other than that, no ms symptoms at all! :) The side effects are supposed to dissappear once your body gets used to the medicine, so I'm on my way!
*al final las inyecciones no son tan malas. Me dieron un aparatito en el que pongo la inyeccion y ni siquiera tengo que ver la aguja (menos mal, porque les tengo terror). Esta barbaro, lo unico que tengo que hacer es apretar un boton, contar hasta 10, y pronto!
Lo unico malo es que me estan dando unos dolores de cabeza de terror, y me esta costando dormirme, pero supuestamente una vez que el cuerpo se acostumbra al medicamento pasa, asi que bueno, 'toy en camino :) & ademas no tengo ningun sintoma del ms de miercoles, asi que buenisimo :)

AND Olivia learned to crochet! :) We had tried before, but she's left-handed (I'm not), and she couldn't get it, and I couldn't explain it right, so last Friday we finally learned together to crochet with our left hands. It was good, because I could really see and feel how difficult it was to crochet for the first time. On Saturday morning when I woke up there she was, on the couch and with her pajamas on, crocheting the longest chain I've ever seen :)
& because I'm the biggest dork I almost cried! :p
** La Oli aprendio a hacer crochet!!! Como es zurda y yo no, habiamos tratado antes pero nos habia costado a las 2, asi que esta vez aprendi con ella (que dificil tejer con la izquierda!), y el sabado de manana (aprendio el viernes) me levante y estaba ella muy adorada con el pijamita sentadita en el sillon, tejiendo una cadena kilometrica! Casi me pongo a llorar! :p

In between all this I did finish a new pattern/Igual a todo esto hice un patron nuevo:
"Casitas" (little houses)

My favorite casita is the tan one. If you want it (and I really wish I could make una casita for all of you) please write your e-mail address at the end of this post, and next wednesday (may 13) I'll do a random number generator thingie and send it to the winner :)
It comes with a kiss! ;)
*La que mas me gusta es la marroncita. Si la queres (y ojala pudiera hacer una casita para cada una) escribi tu e-mail al final de este post, y el proximo miercoles (13 de mayo) hago uno de estos random number things y se la mando al que gane :) -viene con beso! ;)

Oli took that picture for a little interview I did for yareah magazine. -it's a really nice on-line magazine, take a look!
Oh! & I'm getting my vip ;) copy of Amigurumi Two this week, and I can't wait to see it in person, I'll let you know how it looks! :)
Abrazo y beso,


  1. I love your casitas! And would love to win any of them. I hope you are feeling better with each passing day.

    Glad Olivia is crocheting, too! There are some great instructional videos for lefties online if you guys want to check them out. Perhaps that would help, too.

    Have a great day, my friend. So glad I found your blog!

  2. about your daughter learning to crochet, i am left handed too and crochet with my right hand. Always remember that she will most probably become very ambidextrous as she gets older and if she has trouble cutting with knives its because the serations are on the wrong side for a left handed person to cut straight, it takes extra practice.

  3. Ana,
    So glad you are starting to feel better. I have a cousin who's had ms for years and she's doing great. Hope it will be the same with you.

    I understand the left handed/right handed thing. My grandmother tried to teach me to crochet when I was a child but I'm left handed and she's not. Years later I taught myself to crochet right handed. What a huge difference it made!

    This weekend I'm giving my grandmother a Casita that I made from your pattern for Mother's Day. (I'll try to download a picture on Etsy.) She's very proud that I can crochet now, although I can't do the complicated fillet crochet like she used to be able to do.

    Kara Lynn Russell

  4. I'm so glad you're doing better and that the shots are okay! My e-mail is: katamommy@gmail.com and those houses are SO CUTE! I've been trying your patterns from book 1 and haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet but it's fun to do anyway! lol I can't wait for the second book to come out!

  5. Yei! Casitas for everyone! I love all yours amigurumis, i want to be like you some day jiji. Hope you get well soon!
    Kisses and hughs!

    Yei! Casitas para todos! Haha, soy de México y tus amigurumis me encantan!! Ojala un día pueda ser tan buena como tu, espero que te alivies pronto, en territorio mexicano esta lo de la influena y tienen todo muy cuidado.
    Mi mail es: aleyarrito@gmail.com
    Besitos y abrazos!

  6. Your daughter learning to crochet is awesome. My daughter is learning too--I know exactly what you mean about wanting to cry.

    Great news that the shots are helping.

    And the Casita toys are so cute! Can't wait to get a copy of your next book.

    Keep feeling good and all the best!

  7. Glad you are better, Ana. The houses are toooo cute!

  8. You sound very upbeat and I'm relieved to see you posting again. I've already pre-ordered your second book, and am excited to get my hands on it. I was really interested in what you said about your daughter, because it's the same situation with me and mine, who is 6. I recently tried to teach her to crochet, but it ended in frustration. So you've given me hope, I'll try what you did and see if it helps us out a bit. Would love to adopt one of your little houses, my email is greetingarts@yahoo.com.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  9. yay! i am so happy that you feel better. cant wait until you get back into regular posting

    oh, and my email adress is:

    the houses are SOOO cute!!

  10. Hi Ana! I'm very glad to hear that the shots are not so bad. I hope you begin to feel better very soon!
    Your casitas are so beautiful!! Adorable!
    Un beso muy fuerte!

  11. Hello, Since a few weeks, I'm following your great blog! I love your work!!! I really hope you're getting better by now! So sweet that you want to share a cute work with one of us!! Thanks!

    Sweet greetings from Belgium,

  12. I wish you all the luck with your shots (I'm also not very fond of needles). Anyway great you keep up your good spirit.
    Love all your little figures and would love to win a little casita.

  13. Me alegra verte de nuevo y que todo vaya bien. Un abrazo.

  14. Darling houses - am glad you are tolerating the shots. I am anxious to see your new book. a.haun@sbcglobal.net

  15. Love your blog! Love your book! I hope you're feeling even better! I can't wait to buy your new book!

  16. Hola Ana, ayer hiziste mi dia con el pattern que me enviaste, no sabes lo contenta que me puso, me pican las manos por empezar, no quiero ser greedy pero no puedo contenerme, esas casitas con techitos que parecen de techo de barro, como en nuestros paises me facinan! asi que aqui esta mi email ...


    Ten mucha fe y corage Ana, no sabia que tenias una niña, por ella, sigue adelante con una sonrisa, me voy a morir de la felicidad cuando mi Danielita empieze a crochet tambien ;) ya esta dibujando como su mamita ;)

  17. Please continue to be well. My neighbor's husband continues to suffer from MS which affects his ability to even move/walk at times - I cannot begin to imagine the daily struggles. It shows your accomplishments however.. and you are stronger for them. 2 published books, successful etsy shop - YOU GO GIRL!
    I am trying to teach my Autistic daughter how to hook.. and although she is right handed it has been a struggle. We are actually working on your cupcakes (which is why I've still yet to send you or post a completed product - *grin*)
    You are an inspiration :o)
    ~ bendiga a usted ya su familia

  18. I love the little houses and I can't wait to buy your new book.


  19. So glad to hear from you again your blog....love the casitas and here'e hoping you have any easy rouad with the MS.

  20. Im a big fan of all of your amigurumi and would love a casasita!!!!! my email is polarpenguin93@aol.com. I hope you stay well and continue to make adorable amis.

  21. I'm so happy to know that you are doing great. It was from your book, Amigurumi World, that I learned how to crochet cute little animals. I can't wait for your new book. You are truly an inspiration. Thank you!!!


  22. I would love to win one of the casitas. My favorite is the white one in the back with the light blue roof and the green heart, although I understand you are giving away only the tan one! My e-mail is knittinghedgie[at]gmail[dot]com. just replace the at to @ and the dot to .!

  23. Yay! I love that you're being so positive about this whole thing; good luck with everything. I love your work and I would loove to win your little casita. (I learn new spanish words every time I read your blog :D) Here's my email: olivefishie@yahoo.com

  24. your blog is incredible! I wish I had your talent!
    Thank you for sharing with us


  25. Hola Ana, me encantan tus amigurumis! Que lastima que tus libros no se venden en la Argentina!!
    Me alegra saber que estas mejor. Esas casitas estan preciosas! Y la que mas me gusta es tambien la marroncita!
    mi correo es:


  26. Hola Ana hace un rato que no visitaba tu blog y me encontre con la noticia de tu enfermedad, en verdad espero que tu cuerpo se acostumbre prontito a la medicina y que todo siga bien para ti, porque no eres solo talentosisima, sino que compartes con nosotras tu talento =) Tus casitas son tan dulces!!! me encantan! Te mando muchos saludos y los mejores deseos! ah! y te dejo mi mail para participar quien quita que yo sea la afortunada ;) sandra_ma008@hotmail.com

  27. Hola Ana,
    Que bueno tener noticias tuyas! Me alegro que el tratamiento vaya bien! Me imagino la emocion que te dio cuando viste a tu hija haciendo crochet! Felicitaciones!!!
    A todo esto, que casitas mas preciosas!!! Mientras estaba leyendo tu blog, mi hija se acerco a la compu y me dijo "those lil'houses are sooooo cute!!!"
    No veo el momento de que salga tu nuevo libro, ya que estoy embarazada y justo hay cosas para bebes :)
    Mucha suerte con tu tratamiento!!!
    Un abrazo,
    Maria D.

    PD. Aqui te dejo mi e-mail para el sorteo:

  28. I am so happy to hear your little one is learning, it's an amazing feeling to be able to pass on an amazing talent!

    My prayers are with you and your family, as always, and I'm so anxious to get your second book!

    Best wishes for a wonderful summer, and keep smiling!

  29. they are so cuttttttttttte ! I would love to win one ^^
    I just discover your blog and I will keep it in my favorite links ! your little amigurumis are all beautiful!!

  30. I love the new amigurumi houses. Super cute! I am glad to hear the injections are working for you. Que bueno que te sientes mejor...


  31. Oh gorgeous! I've been meaning to get your book for a while now, and I'm so pleased to have found your blog.
    I would LOVE to receive your house -
    rattuspackus@hotmail.com. Thanks for the opportunity.
    P.S. I think I'll cry the first time my daughter crafts with me :)

  32. Love the little casitas they are so cute! glad to hear that you are on your way to feeling better!

  33. !Hola Ana! Espero que todo te vaya bien. Yo tb quiero tu casita.
    Mi email:lupeloidi@gmail.com

  34. I love you little casitas! Super adorable! sam_chen226@hotmail.com

    I'm about to teach my cousin's little girl (10), we are both really excited and I can't wait to get her into crocheting these adorable little amigurumis!

  35. I am glad you are doing well minus the headaches. Cute Picture!!

  36. I am so glad that you are feeling better and back to posting again! We missed you. I am also glad that your little girl is learning to crochet! All your stuff is really cute- can't wait until your new book comes out-zknitz@gmail.com

  37. .. Hola Anna !! .. no aflojes .. sigue día a día .. menos mal yá no tiene que ver a la Sra Aguja .. uyy .. yo también le temo !!!
    ... muy linda tus nuevas casitas ... espero tener suerte y poder conocer a quienes viven dentro jijij
    .. inquietasmanitos@gmail.com....
    ..saludos !!!! .. chini ...

  38. sabine(germany) 21 yearsMay 10, 2009 at 10:13 AM


    i´m from germany and i love your work so mch i cant explane i boaght your first book and just cat wait for the second with all these cute babystuff my kids will love this.

    And i hope i get the winning numvber
    for the cute little houses.

    my email is biene_87@gmx.de

  39. They are soooooooooo cute.
    I would love to try and win one. My email is staci107@charter.net

    I actually have bought the second book but have no idea how to knit or crochet. I just love looking at the photos inside. :)

    Maybe I will learn one day....

  40. So cute! I would love to have one!

    kimberlypye AT gmail DOT com

  41. Hola Ana!Me alegro de que estes mejor!
    Me encantan tus trabajos y esas casitas estan preciosas ^^
    Fuerza!!! Seguí adelante!!!

  42. Hola Ana Paula, me encantan los amugirumis. A ver si tengo suerte. Mi e-mail es tejoporquesi@gmail.com

  43. Its good that your doing better. I cant do anything with my left hand it always comes out bad. The houses are adorable.
    insidethefire_afi at yahoo dot com

  44. Hi,
    I left a comment on your previous post about my niece's recent MS diagnosis. A nurse goes to her house to give her her injections... so nice that you have a little gadget to do it yourself !

    She wants to learn to crochet and embroider so we will be getting together sometime soon. I told her about your blog and about your talents despite MS. Sent her a link to your blog so she can feel inspired by you !

    Your little houses are super cute ... but which of your amigurumis is not ?
    Thanks for such a wonderful give away and for the love that comes with it !

  45. They are absolutely adorable!
    So glad you're doing better,


  46. I love your books and your blog!! I keep wishing my projects turned out as cute as yours! kerrylshaw@gmail.com

  47. Ana, [en spanish pa' q no olvides la lengua de nuestros padres]
    eres una mujer admirable! Dios bendiga tu fortaleza... jaja uno piensa en escribirte para animarte y es una la que sale con esas fuerzas y ganas de seguir adelante, no hay obstaculo mayor que el que uno se crea en la mente.
    Mil besos y un calurozo abrazo.. by the way, los patrones de Amigurumi Two son excelentes! he tenido la oportunidad de tejer unos cuantos y mi hija de 3 años los adora!
    A ver si nos llega una casita con ese reconfortante besito :)
    email: yfsabinoc@yahoo.com

  48. Hello!!! so glad to see u coping well with the medicine & injection!!! i loveee your casita!!! hope i have a chance to win it... i wish you can recover fully soon & have a good health!!!


  49. I love the little houses :) I'm glad things are going as well as possible with the MS. You are such a sweetie

    my email is


  50. Siii!!!! esa casita tostadita sera mia!! mia!!!!! hua hua!
    mi mail es oyuki27@gmail.com.
    gracias preciosa!

  51. thank you for participating and being so nice!
    good luck & kiss :)
    gracias por participar y ser tan adoradas!
    suerte y beso :)

  52. lovely lovely lovely... as always ! :)

  53. ahh i cant believe i forgot to add my email! Silly_a1804@hotmail.com

  54. I've had one of those days
    so I sit back and relax
    and start to crochet.

    Crochet stitches know just what to do
    to make my stresses go
    and my troubles fade away.

    My friend Ana you're always there for me with new patterns
    whenever I feel blue
    and though we've never met
    I know our friendships true.
    And although we haven't been friends for long
    in this short time it seems
    we shared so many things already
    our hopes, our fears, our dreams,our crocheting

    We come from different walks of life
    but we share a common bond
    and it's time to say that I've grown so very fond of you.
    So Ana thanks for being there
    whenever I've needed you
    I know you're always there for me
    and you know I'm there for you.


  55. hola Ana Paula:
    Hermosos todos tus proyectos, ojalá algún día pueda llegar a hacer alguno tan hermoso!!

    Felicitaciones por tus trabajos y ojalá alguna casita venga a Chile.


  56. im 11 and i taught my littlecousin shes 9 shes left handed too she got the hang of it quite easily with chains hers was about 13 ft an hour later!!! anyways i know how it feels and glad you taght ur daughter crocheting is awesome

  57. My daughter, Sarah, loves to crochet your patterns. She has made many Christmas and birthday gifts from your books. She's very excited about your new book:) The book is on her wishlist! Any chance you have a pattern for a "mate con bonbilla"? She would love to make one for her abuela:)


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