Monday, July 6, 2009

The sweetest necklace & the nicest bags :)

Isn't this so cute? You can get your own (with your kids' names, your pets, your friends...) right here! has the cutest personalized stuff, even for your pet!
She's super nice, ships really fast, and the necklace is very delicate, and a lot a lot more beautiful than in the picture (if that's possible, how nice are her pictures?)
** No que esta re lindo? Lo compre en este shop de Etsy que tiene unas cosas alucinantes, hasta para las mascotas! Ademas la sra es adorada, me lo mando rapidisimo, y el collarcito es re delicado y lindo :) :)

I'd also like to share my friend Valeria's shop! She's from Montevideo too, and we went to high school and university together. She's really really talented, amazingly gifted, for real!
She now teaches in Bellas Artes' school in Mdeo, and makes the most beautiful leather bags!
Her shop is :) This one's my favorite, but I want them all!
Look at this one:
**che, tb se tienen que dar una vuelta por la tiendita de mi amiga Valeria :) Fuimos al liceo y a la facultad juntas, y hace unas cosas im-pre-sio-nan-tes. Es tan tan pero tan buena que esta dando clases en Bellas Artes!!!
Hace unas carteras de cuero muy pero muy lindas, las quiero todas! Vayan y visiten! :)

Oh, and Martingale has some desktop wallpapers available (for free!) of some of the books they publish, ours are right here :) **Martingale subio unos wallpapers de los libros que publican (gratis!) que estan muy lindos, los de Amigurumi 2 estan aca :)

That's it for today, it's nice & sunny in NJ, hope you have a nice week, hug!

ps: Thank you very much for the b-day wishes, we had a really nice day :)
pd: Muchas gracias por los saludos cumpleañeros, pasamos muy lindo :)


  1. Me encantaron los amigurumis. Gracias por compartir los patrones. Ahora me espera mucho trabajo.
    Te cuento que yo hice una taza de café con leche, la inventé, no quedó tan mal.
    Te invito a visitar mis gumis en
    Saludos desde Buenos Aires.

  2. Wow! That necklace is so cute and the bag is lovely. I downloaded the desktop wallpapers! Thanks for letting everyone know about it!

  3. Is Amigurumi Two out yet??? Been watching the stores...

  4. Great bag! Congrats on Ami 2, I must buy it!!!

    You'd be pleased to know that I am teaching all my BFFs to crochet Amis today. We're having a party! :)

    Your daughter is TOO CUTE!


  5. Oh my stars, those wallpapers are SO GREAT!! Can't wait to download!!
    And thanks so much again for featuring my necklace. You are the sweetest and I am SO GLAD you like it so much!! ♥

  6. Muy bonito el collar. Y las cosas de tu amiga son preciosas también. ¡Verdaderamente es una artista!

    A principios de julio te envié un email a la dirección "" con una duda sobre tu libro de amigurumi. Quizás no lo recibiste o te llegó a correo no deseado. Si no te importa (y esperando no ser pesada), te lo vuelvo a enviar para ver si me puedes echar una mano, ¿vale?.

    ¡Muchas gracias Ana Paula!

  7. The bag is fantastic!!What a wonderful blogg you have!!!And wonderful things you have done!!!I'm just started!!!

  8. Bought your second book :) I own both now, even though I haven't figured out how to crotchet yet. I will give it a try when I have some time! The patterns are just too cute.

  9. Hi Ana

    I am making a little free pattern directory on my blog and I featured your pattern for cat & mouse - please let me know if you are not happy with that or would like me to change some details

    kind regards



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