Friday, December 18, 2009

Last-minute Xmas present idea

I was thinking that it'd be cute to make a crochet toy kit.
You have enough patterns that you can print out (or you can use one the ones in the blog).
So print one, and add everything needed to make it:

Yarn and a little bit of stuffing (you probably have plenty of that!)
Plastic eyes or buttons
A little piece of felt, embroidery yarn and needle
Matching thread & sewing needle
Tapestry needle
A crochet hook.

It'd be cute to add a gift certificate for "all the help you need to crochet your..."

Then find a box around the house, make it pretty, and throw all the supplies, the pattern and the gift certificate in there :)


  1. Excelente idéia!!
    Eu sou um grande fã do seu trabalho!!
    O blog é bonito, congratulatios!

  2. @Alessandra Ogawa gracias Alessandra! yo estoy haciendo un par para unas amigas :)
    beso grande, & feliz natal :D

  3. What a great idea!!

    Que idea más buena!!

  4. @Marta
    gracias marta! a mi me gusta sobre todo porque puedo usar cosas que tengo en la vuelta, y ademas me encanta mostrarle a la gente como hacer crochet :) (tengo terrible complejo de maestra, jiji)
    esta re frio por ahi, no? que pases re lindo las fiestas, beso!

  5. Hermosas ideas!! muchas gracias por compartirlas!! me encanta pasar a visitarte!

  6. @Meli.
    gracias a vos por pasar!
    che, date una vueltita por montevideo y come mucho pan dulce, que esta vez me voy a quedar con las ganas! :(
    beso y felices fiestas! :D

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  8. I will definitley be giving this to my little sister who i have been trying to teach to crochet for years now!!! (she will only knit, even when i tell her crochet is much more fun and creative!)


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