Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Pattern! / Patron nuevo!

 it was about time! ;)
ya era hora! ;)

Kitten & Mom, all ready to be crocheted in my Etsy shop
& here:
I hope you like them :)
Happy Thursday!


  1. Lovely, lovely meows! Am so pleased to have discovered your blog ...
    I have using your wonderful patterns to help me make versions of the Octonauts toys for my little boy. If you get time to look at my blog, I hope you like them! Xx

  2. @Annaboo Thank you Anna! I just read your e-mail and I was going to suggest just that :)
    Those Octonauts are so cute!

  3. Hey there! I would like to invite you personally to amigurumi community at

    Amigurumipower unite
    Ohh, and love your work!


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