Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Some pics from Renegade :)

It was so much fun! We LOVED it!
Estuvo re divertido y NOS ENCANTO!


  1. Todos juntos están preciosos. No me imaginaba que fueran tan grandes.

  2. So far, I only have 7 amigurumis that I've actually kept for myself, the rest have been presents. When I see your adorable little stand, I can't stop staring at it haha >W<! I want to make as many different ones I can now. Muchas gracias por tus libros y tu inspiracion. Ahora que es el verano y tengo mas tiempo, voy hacer todos los amigurumis que puedo! :D

  3. Isto é o paraíso. Ficar no meio destes bichinhos é maravilhoso. Parabéns pelo teu trabalho. Bjs.

  4. Hermosos, eres una maestra para todas quienes intentamos hacer amigurumis....un abrazo desde Chile!!!!

    Mundo Ami

  5. Dear Ana, It was so lovely to meet you last weekend. You are such a wonderful and creative soul! It really felt like I met a movie star. ;)
    I hope we get to meet again, but until then I will continue to be inspired by your cute creations. -Megan

  6. Que lindos todos tus gumis juntos. Tengo tus dos primeros libros y me encantan. Ya me voy a comprar el tercero :)

  7. I wish I lived closer! I'm all the way in CA but I would have loved to see your work in person!
    Todos tus amis juntos se ven tan bonitos!

    Y Tu hija es lidisima!


  8. I'm glad finding your blog! You have fabulos toys, amazing books, beautiful photos.
    Greetings, Rita

  9. So cute! I your amigurumis! :)
    -HappyHands @ www.mimickinggodscreation.blogspot.com

  10. Qué lindos se ven todos en esa foto Maravillosos!!! Tu hija parece en medio de un lugar mágico.

  11. You are my favorite amigurumi artist! I am now making my own patterns and learned how to crochet from your adorable books. thanks so much for the inspiration, you are living the life I've dreamed of: Making a living out of creativity.

  12. Wow. This is so cute! :) I'm totally inspired. I want to do a craft fair now. :)
    -HappyHands from www.mimickinggodscreation.blogspot.com

  13. Que lindos se ven todos juntos, me hago tu seguidora ^_^, de paso, te invito a un reto amistoso
    Ciao, y feliz día ^_^

  14. they look so happy together!!
    yours are much bigger than mine!
    My amigurumi are allways so tiny it's probable because the different yarns, i guess!

  15. I'm in love with this photo's! <3

  16. I recently came along your book with little amigurumi and fell in love immediatly! I already made the octopus and she is now my partner-in-creativety ...
    thanks for the wonderfull creations!

  17. That must hve been fun! I'm sure you drew all eyes to that table. By the way, used to be a New York girl myself (Queens).

  18. www.succulentlosangeles.comAugust 15, 2011 at 6:03 PM

    Hi! I love all of your creations...truly inspiring! My friend and I are doing a year-long crochet project in which we plan to complete all projects in the Amigurami Two book. We have done three so far! I love the tool set and fruit animal homes...we post our completed projects at www.succulentlosangeles.com. Thank you!!

  19. Oh! This looks GORGEOUS!!
    I wish I stayed close by... I know I would have definitely visited your stall...
    here's hoping you have many more such craft fairs...

  20. Hi Ana :)
    You were by far my biggest source of inspiration to start making my own amigurumis - feel free to check out my own, little blog, Hekkan Hekkel :) A much smaller scale than yours, of course, but I'm slowly improving :) I crochet a lot more than just amigurumis, but they are by far the most giving projects - and I love to come up with my own patterns! :)
    I will definitely become one of your members. I already have two of your books, and will probably invest in the latest one soon.
    Happy crocheting!
    Hugs from Norway
    - KristiN -


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