Friday, November 18, 2011

I finally took pictures!

... of all the toys waiting for a new home ;)  I'm planning to post them in my Etsy shop little by little, while I finish off the manuscript for the new book :)
*** Por fin saque fotos de todos los juguetes en busca de un hogar ;) Los voy a subir de a poquito en la tiendita de Etsy, mientras que termino el manuscrito del libro nuevo :)

Here are some of the ones I posted today/Aca estan algunos de los que subi hoy!

I hope you like them :)
Espero que les gusten :)

Fridays are tought, the girls are super tired from the week (so they argue, yell and drive us crazier than usual), and I'm exhausted!  All I can think about is my bed, which has been calling me since 8! If we're lucky, tomorrow they won't wake us up until 9!  -it's always nice to dream ;)
*** Los viernes son bravos, las nenas estan re cansadas de la semana (o sea que se pasan peleando, gritando, y enloqueciendonos mas que de costumbre), y yo estoy muerta!  Solo puedo pensar en mi camita, que me esta llamando desde las 8!  Si tenemos suerte, manhana las nenas no nos despiertan hasta las 9! -sonhar no cuesta nada ;)

Tomorrow we're taking Oli & Marti to see Snow White at WPU and they are really excited. Two years ago (Marti was 3) we saved all this money to take them to see Mary Poppins in Broadway (it's so expensive, isn't it?), and at certain point Martina told me: "You can turn it off now". Can you believe it?!!! :)
I'm sure tomorrow will be different, now that she's such a big girl who goes to kindergarten :*(
I'll let you know how it goes :)
I hope you have a really nice weekend. Have fun!
*** Manhana vamos a llevar a las nenas a ver Blanca Nieves en WPU y estan re contentas. Hace 2 anhos (Marti tenia 3) juntamos un monton de plata para llevarlas a ver Mary Poppins en Broadway, y despues de un rato Martina me dijo: "Ta, apagalo". Pueden creer?!!! :)
Manhana seguro no pasa, ahora que esta tan grande y va a preescolar :*(
Despues les cuento :)
Espero que tengan un fin de semana MUY lindo y divertido. Besos!


  1. very lovely.

  2. These are simply adorable Ana. I have a soft spot for our feline friends so I melted when I saw the little cat in the basket! Love it.

  3. Qué bonitos que son!!! Los buhitos y el gatito son adorables!! :)

  4. Awww the are really cute! I would like to let you know that I made one of your amigurumi from your first book please check it out and let me know what you think. Thanks

  5. The little kitten and bed is really cute and original. I haven't seen a combination like this yet. Great job on the ball of yarn. Is the yarn ball glued together or just wrapped into a ball? Congrats on the writing of the new book, I hope it's a hit!

  6. Son hermosos tus amigurumis!!..Yo hace poco estoy haciendo amigus!..pero estoy enamorada de ellos!..te invito a verlos!

    Un beso!

  7. Me encanta el gatito en la cestita!! acabo de comprar tu libro y estoy totalmente enganchada con tus juguetes.

  8. I LOVE the kitten in the bed!! i just wanted to say that you, as i use your books ALL the time!
    i just started a blog :
    i've posted a few from your book!! <3

  9. Love the kitten in the bed also. Do you sell the pattern for that or does it come in one of your books?

    1. I was curious about the kitten in the bed as well. Is there a pattern for it?

  10. I really like the kitty too and would love to make it. Do you sell the pattern?


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