Friday, September 26, 2008

Amigurumi 2 is coming your way!

Most of you probably read it over in my Etsy shop, but I'm working on a second book!!! Yay!!!
It all feels so unreal. I am so so SO lucky.
Thank you for all the nice -really nice- comments and for posting pictures and sending e-mails and liking Amigurumi World :)
I hope you'll like the new one too, I'm all done making the toys and they came out really cute.
I really wish I could just show you pictures and tell you all about it (specially because I'm horrible at keeping good news to myself)

I can, however share the new patterns I posted in Seriously Cute Crochet - the shop (doesn't that sound important, like I have some kind of seriously cute organization going on?)

Little cat & a pumpkin goodie bag w/candy corn :)
Little bunny & his mommy

A little dragon

My first teddy

Oh, and we have a puppy! His name is Santiago and I'm in love with him, I'll post pictures soon :)
Also, I'm taking another little pattern off the shop and I'll post it here some time next week.
I hope you have the nicest weekend.
No more rain, please!


  1. Yay!! Another book! I love your book, and am slowly making my own collection of amigurumis from your patterns. I enjoy your patterns so much, and look forward to buying the book. How soon does it come out?? I can't wait!

  2. Hola me llamo Esther, me acabo de iniciar en el mundo de los amigurumis.

    Me encantaria que visitaseis mi blogg y opinases sobre mis trabajos, muchas gracias.

  3. I love looking around your blog! You are truly blessed, indeed :-)

  4. I started learning how to crochet this summer and came across your book. It was so easy to follow and the Amigurumi are so cute. I can`t wait to get hold of your new one coming out. Thanks for being creative and sharing!!

  5. Felicidades!!!!

    I am sooo looking forward to the release of the 2nd book!!


  6. I am so excited to hear that a second collection of Amigurumi patterns is on it's way. I can't wait!!


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