Friday, October 3, 2008

How to add hair to your amigurumi

This is how I add hair to my ami dolls, I hope it helps! Please write if you have questions and I'll add the answers to this post.
**I'll post the little pattern tomorrow, and Amigurumi 2 is coming in September 2009 :)**

I give hair to my amigurumi dollies as you would if putting tassels in a scarf: I cut a piece of yarn which is double the length that I want the hair to be, I fold it in half and put the loopy end through a stitch in the top of the head, starting in the front of the head, where I want the part to be. I then put the end pieces through the loop and pull so they are right next to the head. Repeat to form a vertical line right in the middle of the head (or where you want the part to be).
Once I’m done with one side of the part I do the other side, making sure to put the second row of hair right next to the first one:

After I’m done with the middle part, I move one of the middle parts all the way to the other side (see the first of the pics that follow) to work on the hair underneath the part (I hope this makes sense!):

I then do the same thing over and over so the whole head is covered by hair! I usually draw an imaginary line from ear to ear and put hair on the upper part of the line.
ps: new "Bed Time" pattern posted in the shop :)


  1. Muchas gracias! Me encanta como queda y ya estoy impaciente esperando el Amigurumi 2.

  2. That's fantastic that you are writing an Amigurumi 2! I will look forward to buying it!(Thanks for the cool patterns and crochet advice!!)

  3. Beutiful your amigurumis, I love them. Please how can I buy yours books in Argentina. Please give to your fanatics, latinos an answer. We love you.!!!!!Ana María from Santa Fe, Argentina.

  4. hola ana!!! LLegue a tu blog buscando amigurumis porque me encantan y los fabrico tambien!!! Me encanto tu blog, es muy lindo! te dejo la dirección del mio si queres visitarme muy lindo todo, cariños desde ARGENTINA- Misiones...noelya

  5. thanks for this! seems complex but it is so simple! now my dolls don't have to be baldies. (;

  6. Oh my, I'm so happy you posted this!

    I work on commissions for crochet dolls a lot and I could never figure out how to thread the hair! I'd always spend hours working over a half finished head, threading hair through the inside to the outside. Thank you so much!

  7. Hola compatriota, porque entiendo que sos uruguaya. Me encantaron tus amigurumi!! Yo escribo en una blog para madres y bebés ( y publiqué un post basado en el tuyo en que explicas como colocar pelo a las muñecas, le hice un link a tu blog, asi que espero que no te moleste, y te lleguen muchas visitas por mi intermedio.
    Muchas gracias

  8. Wow! Awesome Work. You then do the same thing over and over so the whole head is covered by hair! You usually draw an imaginary line from ear to ear and put hair on the upper part of the line.

  9. Thank you!! Now I can add hair onto my doll :D

  10. Do you make the part go from the forehead all the way to the back neck area? Or do you only part along the top then do a row from the crown back so it lies down straight? Thanks. I've never done hair before and trying to make a princess peach for my daughter's birthday. Instead of anime hair I want to do long flowing princess hair. THANKS

  11. If I used this method of putting hair on one of my amigurumis would I be able to brush out the yarn without the knots on the head being seen afterward?

    Thanks for your help ^^

  12. hi! super cute,but i wana make ami dolls with weird hair like pony tails and spiket up,punk like hair stiles,really crazy looking hair stiles,punk and stuf got eny ideas on how i can make that?

  13. Thank you for this tutorial!!

    I've created a blog with my amigurumi creations and I invite u to have a look at it! :)

  14. Dear Ana,

    Im bussy making the Turtle with two little babyturtles and the eggs. They are so cute! But i have a small problem with mama turtle.
    While making her two front legs i found out that the left leg is pointing backwards and the right leg is poining forwards (i can turn it up side down but then it shows the 8 loose stiches) I already tried to begin with 7 tight stiches and 8 loose (sorry, i dont know the right words to name the stiches, i hope this makes any sence) but now i just have 3 frontlegs looking all the same.
    I just cant think of a solution to make 2 front legs, both poiting backwards and both showing the tight 7 stiches.
    Its the turtle from ur 2nd book i suppose.
    hope u can help me out!!

    I enjoy your books so much. Thank you for all the nice cute animals!

    Kim Lürsen,
    the Netherlands

  15. very beautiful and cute doll. Have this doll undergone Japanese hair straightening


  16. It is a great tutorial, thanks for sharing!!!

  17. Hi! Thank you so much for this tutorial. It has helped so much, but now I'm trying to do a boy's head of hair and was just wondering if you had any advice for me on that. It's like a comb over type of style - not just crazy sticking up hair. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

  18. I've been doing hair like that for quite awhile. If you want really cute whispy hair, cut the strands the length you want and then separate them before attaching them. Use several strands together. I like to make them longer and cut to the length I want after attaching them.

  19. Totally helped me out!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! :D


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