Monday, September 14, 2009

the cutest dog, lots of hugs & the winner!

Santiago... just because he looks particularly adorable in this picture & I want to show him off ;)

Lots of hugs
I know you're going to think that I'm just saying it, & I have no way to prove it, but all that hugging & niceness really made me feel better. Isn't it odd how you start writing a little nothing blog, posting pictures and toys here and there, and all of a sudden the people that write, that at the beginning were just comments, start feeling like real people and real friends, and you kind of miss reading them?
THANK YOU. & lots of hugs and kisses.

**Ya se que van a pensar que lo digo por decir, y bueno, no hay forma de probarlo, pero en serio que tanto abrazo y cosa linda me hizo sentir mucho mejor. No es raro como uno empieza a escribir un blogcito de nada, a subir fotos y juguetes aca y alla, y de golpe la gente que escribe, que al ppio era solo comentarios, se empiezan a sentir como gente de verdad y amigos, y empezas a extra├▒ar leerlos?
MUCHAS MUCHAS GRACIAS, y muchos besos y abrazos.

& the mushroom winner...

Emily-taffyyarn! I was nosy & checked out her etsy shop, and take a look at this little Blythe Bear Backpack, isn't it cute?

I know I said Friday, but Marti turned 3! -like I can handle any more change :p
We went to see Ponyo a couple of weeks ago and it has to be one of the sweetest movies ever. Even the credits are pretty!
So I got her a little Ponyo snow ball type thing and made her a Ponyo cake, with blue frosting and little fishes and Ponyo! The cake itself was not very amazing, I'm no baker... but you should have seen her face! :) :) :)

**Ya se que dije que les contaba el viernes, pero Marti cumplio 3! -como que puedo con mas cambios :p
Hace unas semanas fuimos a ver Ponyo y tiene que ser por lejos una de las peliculas mas adoradas. Hasta los creditos al final son lindos!
Asi que le compre una pelotita de esas que tiene brillantina, aguita y a Ponyo!!!, y le hice una tortita azul con pececitos y la pelotita en el medio. La torta la verdad la verdad no quedo muy maravillosa -de repostera no tengo ni el bordecito del delantal... pero si le hubieran visto la cara! :) :) :)

ps: I'm doing Linguistics, I'll tell you more later, I'm figuring out if what I'm thinking is really really what I want to do. I'm almost positive :)
**pd: Estoy haciendo Linguistica, despues les cuento mas, toy viendo a ver si estoy segura segura de lo que quiero hacer, creo que si :)


  1. Ana, your dog is super handsome.

    Plus, I am not bragging or anything, people, but I am the winner of the mushroom!!! I am so very excited and I will share pictures of it when it arrives... my Blythe doll has already called "dibs" on it! lol!

  2. pero que lindo el perrito, es tuyo?
    que lindo blog, me gusta mucho, te vendre a visitar ya
    besitos desde PAris

  3. Guapoooo Santiago!!!! Besazos de MAmbo!!

  4. Santiago is adorable, and your little ami looks JUST like him!

    Happy 3rd birthday to Marti! It was sweet that you made her a cake in a Ponyo theme.

    So glad that you are feeling better!

  5. I had a boston terrier just like Santiago and just last week he died of an intestinal problem...His name was Francisco or Franny as I used to llamarlo. Sniff* I miss him alot. Santiago is really cute. I love bostons their just too locos. Lol i guess i need hugs now too.

  6. ! See my pouty face <:( No pictures of the ponyo cake?!
    Hope you had a great time, tell your daiughter I'm jealous that she got a Ponyo birthday ;o)

  7. He is the cutest dog Ive ever seen. I love looking at his photo.


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