Thursday, September 3, 2009


It's been a while! I hope you are all having the nicest season. Summer's been pretty good here in NJ, and I know that Winter's getting a little better down in Uruguay :)
**Hace rato que no hablamos! Espero que esten teniendo una estacion muy linda. Aca el verano ha sido bastante soportable, y en Uruguay el invierno, que estuvo terrible, esta mejorando :)

Lots of new things have been happening over here...
Oli's starting first grade, & Marti's finally potty trained! -all of a sudden I feel really old! ;)
We're moving to another town, which we like a lot better, and we'll be living really close to Oli's school.
I started working on my Masters, & it feels SOOO nice to be back at school!

**Aca en casa un monton de cosas nuevas:
Oli empieza primero, Marti ya no usa mas pañales! -y de golpe me siento re viejita! ;)
Nos mudamos a otro pueblo, que nos gusta mucho mucho mas que este, y vamos a vivir muy cerca de la escuela de Oli.
Empece la facultad de vuelta :) :) :)
And for some reason all these changes have me feeling a little odd... does that ever happen to you? Change has always been a little difficult for me, even if it's good change! I need hugs! ;)
**Pero bueno, tanto cambio me tiene medio ahi, me siento como rara... a uds les pasa?
Los cambios siempre me joden un poco, aunque sean cambios buenos! Necesito abrazos! ;)

So, go ahead and send me some hugs, in exchange for a little mushroom ;) Please write your name at the end of this post if you'd like a little mushroom friend. I'll do the number generator thingie next Friday.
**Asi que mandenme muchos abrazos, que se los cambio por un honguito ;) Escribi tu nombre al final de este post si queres un amigo honguito. El viernes que viene les cuento quien gano.



  1. HUGS!

    I just went back to grad school, too! I have a lot less crafting time, but it feels good to be using that part of my brain again.

    Good luck in school and with the move and everything else!

    Kimberly :-)

  2. **Hugs**

    What are you going back to school for? Well, best of luck w/ everything.

    Big fan of your work.

  3. Good luck with the masters, and the move. I can see why you feel odd, with so many changes.


  4. ~Huggles~
    Kids grow up so fast! It makes me feel old too, lol.

  5. ****Hugs to you**** Going back to school is an awesome thing - good luck!!! :) :)

  6. {{HUGS}} from Amsterdam

    Congrats on surviving potty training and going back to school! Good luck with your move


  7. hugs hugs HUGS! I'm not a fan of change either... I think it's the anticipation of it all... but once it happens, it is all fine. Hang in there.

    emily (taffyyarn)

    ps. I love your Boston... we have one named Tank!

  8. HUGS!!!!!!

    I would love a little mushroom :) Best of luck on the move and the going back to school, you will do great!!


  9. I just love your little mushrooms! I would love to have one. :)

    Congrats on starting school! That is wonderful. I hope your move goes well. I am not good with change either, even the good kind.

    I am a big fan by the way. it is because of you I learned how to crochet. I gave up because I couldn't understand and then I found your book and have been crocheting ever since! :)

    *hugs and an extra bear hug*


  10. Mushroom friend or no, I just wanted to let you know you're definitely not alone in not liking change. The start of this school year has been a little rough for me, and we're almost done with week 2 but I still don't feel *right* somehow. You know how I'm trying to deal with it? By picking up a hook and finishing up Mama Turtle and her babies for my two little ones. :0)

    It will all become routine soon enough, enjoy what you can and just take deep breaths to get through the rest.

  11. Hang in there!

    I love your mushrooms - my kids are obsessed with Mario etc. and would be very jealous if their mummy won a mushroom! So cute.

  12. {{{ HUGS! }}}

    I love your little mushrooms, they're so cute! They'd fit so perfectly in my room! =]

    Sounds like lots of exciting changes going on, hang in there, you'll make it through!

  13. Good luck starting your Masters! Sending lots of hugs your way. I'm in grad school too so I can empathize about the work.

    Change is good and change is hard. It's better to admit that it's hard than pretend it's not.

    Love your little mushrooms. My friend just started an etsy shop and her mascot is this little red mushroom. If I don't win a pattern, I'm definitely buying one from your etsy shop!

  14. Hola Ana, sending you big ((hugs)) from a very wet Scotland. I don't do change very well either, hope your move goes well. Thank you for the chance of winning one of your gorgeous creations. More hugs. Dawn Marie.xx

  15. First off big (((hugs))). Change is hard, especially so many at once!

    Second, your book is one of the first crochet books I got from the library and in learning how to make your patterns, I figured out how to make my own creations too. Now I don't even have to use a pattern, I just pick up my yarn and a hook and start creating!

    Last, the mushrooms are adorable! Glad to see you posting again,

  16. It sounds like many things are falling into place--congrats!

    I was also wondering what you were going back to school to study? I have been teaching Spanish to college students for the past few years and sometimes that makes me feel old. :)

    I'd love to win a mushroom!

  17. Abrazos desde México!!!
    Que padre que inicias la escuela de nuevo, mucha suerte!
    Tus niñas estan super lindas!
    Vas a ver que pronto te acostumbraras a los cambios, es parte de la vida!
    Solo quiero decir que gracias a tu primer libro empeze a leer patrones sola y al principio no podia pero con el tiempo fui superandome, es algo lindo, ahora siempre que me siento sin animos, agarro el gancho y no dejo de tejer!
    Gracias por todo

  18. I send you lots of hugs from Argentina!
    Te mando muchos abrazos desde Argentina!

    I m looving my new Amigurumi books!
    I already did the rattles from Amigurumi two!
    I ll send you pics!


  19. sending you a basketful of hugs, from Sacramento, CA. Sometimes, change is good but oh, how I hate change when it happens--lol! It takes me a while to get used to it. But think about it, new place, new home to decorate... enjoy!

    I struggle with change too.
    How wonderful that Oli & Marti are growing up so beautifully!

  21. I'm sending you tons of hugs :)

    How wonderful that you are able to go back to school! Sometimes I wish I could do that too, but I'm still paying for my undergrad and that was 11 years ago.

    All the best with your classes, the move and the family.

  22. Hugs and besos. Change is always a big whack-out. Best of luck, and a world of patience to you.
    Ana (my name, too.)

  23. HUGS!!

    good for you for going back to school (and enjoying it!) I'm content to just buy pretty notebooks and send my children. My 3 year old potty trained just in time for preschool and she loves it. (preschool and being a "big girl")

    the mushrooms are adorable.

  24. hi,
    your crochet is so cute, a lots of hughs for you!!!

  25. ((hugs)) good luck with the move and with school!!

  26. *LOTS OF HUGS*

    Hola Ana! Como esta?

    I am a very big fan of your work, Ana. I wish you the best of luck.

    I love to have a mushroom in the picture. It's so adorable. *wishes for luck*

    Lots of <3


  27. Muchos abrazos desde Bilbao. Seguro que tu nuevo pueblo es precioso y enseguida te sentiras en casa.

  28. HUGS!

    I know what you mean. Change is really difficult for me too.

  29. cute lil' mushrooms! I made your jellifish from 2007 and i love it! its soooo cute! i'm going to make them for all my friends for christmas! thanks!


  30. I love reading your posts - no matter how spread out they are. I've never been one to follow one person's style of patterns for any craft, but I can't help it with yours... they're adorable. You have a definite gift! And every time someone sees me working on one of your patterns, I get compliments about how adorable they are.

    Keep up the great work (in between writing papers and celebrating the end of diapers!)


  31. Super big HUGS.

    Picked up a copy of Amigurumi Two this week. It's fantastic.

    Lex (

  32. *HUGS* Good luck with school! I'm sure you'll do great :]

  33. *HUGS*

    Just wanted to say that your blog is awsome and it's nice that you're back. And of course I would like a mushroom made by you :-)

  34. Hugs!

    What wonderful changes are happening in you life. Best wishes in all the new adventures.


  35. *hugs* Changes are hard, but all things will eventually change for the better, too.*Hugs again* -Abbie

  36. Hugs to you from Texas. I love that mushroom - so cute.

  37. Big hugs to you, my friend! Hang in there. Change can seem exciting then once it actually happens it can leave you feeling unsettled. I hope you get thru this quickly and feel settled into your new home. And thanks for the opportunity to win one of your wonderful creations.

  38. lots of hugs from here! congrats on starting your graduate degree, and on all of the milestones with your children, also... you are right; sometimes even good things resulting in change are difficult, but you can do it! you have lots of people cheering you on, as well as praying for you!

  39. ((hugs)) to you!

    Sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on, change is good if not a little disconcerting at times for sure! lol

  40. [[[[[[HUG!!!]]]]]]



    Espero ya te sientas un poco mejor con todos estos abrazos. Ya pasará esta sensacion extrana. Seriamente lindos amigurumis. Otro abrazote!!


  41. I'm heading into potty training too and that change is daunting to me. Teaching myself to crochet in order to create your adorable amis has been my stress reliever. Thank!!

  42. i really love your work... :) i wish you happiness in your new house ! ^^ biz (and hugs hihi :))

  43. Hugs, hugs, hugs, Hugs are so nice. You deserve lotsa hugs too :)

  44. en Roma ha habido (y todavìa sigue) un verano demasiado caluroso!!! ya no se soporta! yo tambièn tuve muchos cambios... pero no son para mejor... o almenos en el inmediato! :(
    de todas maneras... me encantan esos honguitos!!! tambièn me gustarìa hacerlos!

  45. Los cambios siempre nos ponen nerviosas...
    Te mando un abrazo.

  46. Hugs for you!

    Congrats on going back to school! And the potty training... I'm still working on my almost 3 year old! She was doing awesome and then we just moved across country (OK to PA) and she regressed BIG time. But she's starting a preschool next week so lets hope that helps her :) I hope your move goes smoothly!

    Oh and I would adore one of your mushrooms! How fun it would be to have something that you (my favorite crochet author) made :)


  47. Love your work! You deserve lots of hugs!


  48. Hi *hugs* I hope you do well on your masters! I just started school too... Oh and I bet you feel soo weird moving from home.. I would too. Well, i hope you feel better. Don't get too stressed out, and make una casita the same color as your house to remind you of your old home ;) Once again, *abrazos* and tenga un buen dia! XD

  49. I don't like change either - it's the fear of the unknown!
    Hugs to you - it will all be fine I'm sure.
    Love those mushrooms!

  50. *hugs* congrats on starting grad school! it takes a lot of courage to go back to school :) what will you be studying? and good luck to oli starting first grade!

  51. Hola Ana,
    Saludos desde México y te mando muchos abrazos...

    Se lo que se siente, en febrero nos mudamos a casa de mis suegros (de Tijuana a Chalco - cerca de la ciudad de México) y lo que mas extraño son mis amigas, pero una tía me ha empezado a enseñar a tejer y mi esposo me regalo tu libro para mi cumpleaños (el dos), voy a empezar con las herramientas a mi hijo (tiene año y 5 meses) le van a encantar, bueno de entrada ya le gusta el libro, las fotos son geniales...

    Felicidades por todos los cambios y por la escuela (tanto tú como tu beba), todo cambio es positivo, aunque al principio nos den esa sensación de "fuera de lugar"...


  52. Major Hugs just for you.
    May you find fabulous new beginnings
    May you find home again
    May you feel safe & sound
    May the smile feel good
    May the quaking stop
    in your new place in dwelling & life

    May you dream amigurumi dreams that chase away the 'oddies'

  53. [[[[[[HUGS]]]]]]

    I'm working on the tea set from book two! Always enjoy your patterns. :)

  54. Abrazos!! Hope you're feeling better about all the changes!! My oldest just left for college 2 weeks ago, I'm still not used to the empty bed.


  55. *Abrazos* and *hugs* from one ana to another!!
    Hope your move goes super smooth!!!


  56. *hugs~*

    Just started school for me too~ best of luck! I'm sure it'll all go smoothly.

    - cherry

  57. que lindos!!! hongitoooosssss super cute!!! :D!!! parecen a los de mariooooo :D! hahaha

    :D si quieres te puedes pasar por mi blogg ^^!! tengo uno q otro amigurumisss :D!!

  58. Tanti abbracci dall'Italia. I love your blog and I think you are very lucky to have created such a nice job!

  59. Tons of hugs!

    It´s so cool to go back to school when the baby years are over. You´ll be just fine. Hope tou´ll have time for some crafting as well.

    Good luck with everyting!
    Hugs from Jessica,

  60. Hi there Ana...I just wanted to send you a note and let you know that I just LOVE your patterns. I've been trying a few and look forward to hopefully buying your books soon. My son will just love these I'm sure! :) Thanks for your cute patterns and good luck to you!

  61. Hola!! me encantan tus amigurumis son tan cute!!!

    Leyendo como escribis en español me surgio la duda de donde leerlo suena tan argentino jajaj quizas porque yo soy argentina y leo todo a mi manera especial


    and thank you for making my crochet learning experience a lot more fun!!


  62. -sending warm hugs from Pittsburgh-
    Keep your head up high hun, change is always good. Congrats on the moving, and the little ones....time starts to go by so fast once they start school, and things can get overwhelming I know from my own current experiences; that's when sitting down and making something small to put a smile on your face that you've had the time to do something you love is priceless.

    (I also in having four children take the time to tuck a tiny new made critter in their bookbag with a note like 'I love you and am proud of you', for them to find during makes them feel so special and reminds them that mom thought of them and misses them and is glad they are in school and trying their best at things :) )

    Have a wonderful start of the Fall season and best wishes from our home to yours!

  63. un ABRAZO bien apretado.

    Yay for grad school. :) I guess we're in the same boat then.

  64. **{{.H.U.G.S.}}**
    Im a huge fan of your work :D I always follow ur blog.
    Glad to hear ur in a good place in your life, & good luck with school!

  65. Love the mushrooms; they're so cute!

  66. HOLA:

    te envío muchos abrazos, tambien estoy viviendo una serie de cambios y sé de hablas.... lo peor de todo es que ya no he podido tejer nada :...( te envío miles de abrazos desde la CD de guerrero, mexico y dejame decirte k ya te extrañaba en el blog.
    Bloody Kisses...

  67. xHugsx

    Change always has a strange effect on me too. especially so many big changes at the same time.
    Your mushrooms are too cute.


  68. Hey. Love reading your blogs. You're so sweet. Y me encanta que los esccribes en espanol tambien! Buena suerte con la escuela!

  69. *hugs* and *abrazos* from one ana to another.
    Good luck in school and remember to and out..

    (another) Ana!!

  70. I know what you mean. My eldest started kindergarten this year. It has made a big change in our routine and his life. I can already feel the bumps. It always takes awhile to smooth them out again. Good luck and lots of hugs.


  71. ohh! yay a new post!
    life is full of changes, you'll end up feeling fine again soon :D

    good luck with a new semester~

  72. ohh! yay a new post!
    life is full of changes, you'll end up feeling fine again soon :D

    good luck with a new semester~

  73. I know what you mean about feeling odd even with good change. I started graduate school and I'm having fun, but I get very odd feelings at times along with overwhelming feelings. So, don't you worry! These feelings are normal, in my opinion. I hope you can get settled into your new phase of life. : )



  74. Que hermoso los honguitos ^^ haces un muy bello trabajo :D

  75. HUGS!

    Wish you all the best with the move and your Masters! I know you're going to be busy, so don't forget to take some time for yourself!!!

    I hope I'm not too late for the drawing for a little mushroom friend!

    Take Care,

  76. So glad good things are happening for you!

  77. i can send you a hug even without a mushroom ;)

    hugs from sweden, where the autumn is starting to approach, the leaves are getting their new colours and the air is getting cooler...


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